Arc 2 Chapter 9 Teach

“What did you say?!?” Clementine asks shocked.

Austin tries to calm her down by putting a right finger on his lips and pointing at the left wall with his other hand signalising our neighbours might hear her.

“C-Calm down, Clemi. He had innocent intentions…,” Austin tells her.

“Then, when will it take place, Aust?” Kenny asks.

I answer in his stead,

“In a month.”

Kenny turns around and looks at me angrily.

“You! You’re gonna regret doing that!” he shouts upset.

For the first time he’s ang- No, furious.

“Do you think our brothers will happily come back from whereever they are just because someone they don’t even know arranged some fight we can’t win?” he asks.

I remain silent.

“You don’t even have one ability, how do you intend to teach us?” he asks.

I remain silent.

A person in a bright neon yellow suit appears.

“Oh my lovely students, you shouldn’t fight,” he says smiling.

The three look at the entrance with a surprised expression.


“What? Missed me already? You guys are adorable as ever,” he says.

“Teach, why would you bring in someone without an ability? Did you use your brother’s influence to break the laws again?” Kenny asks.

“Well, I wonder why…

But I accidentally overheard you guys.”

They roll their eyes.


He snips his fingers and appears on the couch.

“That’s why I’m here today. I’ll officially declare the new guy as your captain and call the others back within a month.” he announces.

Frustration paints over Kenny and Clementine’s faces

They stutter, “Teach, you can’t be serious abou-”

He grins, “Huh? Wanna fight me? You surely haven’t forgotten what will happen to people who mess with me?”

“Huhh?! Are you threatening with your brother again? Hideous coward!” Kenny shouts.

Teach answers, “Call me whatever you like, however, remember that I’ll always be your greatest fan, students!

Ah, and before I go…

Listen to your Captain’s every single order. Or do you want my bro-”

I suddenly notice something.

“Say, aren’t you the weird underaged guy who infiltrated my apartment at midnight?” I ask him.

The others look at me and begin laughing.

He doesn’t answer.

“Why do you appear in my dream?”

Their laughing intensifies.

“Erm… do you need a doctor?” he asks.

They laugh even more.

I feel irritated.

After that, I straightly go to bed.

The bed is nonexistent, but some old blanket does its job.

This is my second time going to sleep inside this dream.

It already happened to me that I went to bed inside a dream and woke up in another, but two times…

I’m still rather confident that this is just a dream, since all those weird supernatural things can’t possibly be real.

Next day.

I woke up inside the dream again.

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