Arc 2 Chapter 8 Showdown

They start fighting.

“Kill him, Snow!” the guy next to me shouts.

White light envelops her sword.

“Kick her ass, Austin!” I shout.

A mix of crimson and black light envelops his arms.

We cheer them on.

She charges at him.

He turns his hands into claws and blocks it.

With a swift turn his left claw strikes into her back.

His claw stops before hitting her.

“What is he doing?” I ask him.

They go back to the starting position.

“This asshole isn’t half bad,” he admits.

“Did he win already?” I ask surprised.

Light envelops them again.

“Yeah, it’s only a showdown, so they stop before anything fatal could happen.”

This time Austin charges at her.

“Do you hold some kind of grudge against Austin?”

White spears fly at him.

Austin’s shape changes. He now runs on all four and easily evades them.

He looks like a beast directly from hell.

Deadly red light like the devil with dangerously dark particles reminding me of the grim reaper.

“This asshole flirted with Snow in front of my eyes,” the guy next to me complains.

He actually looks a lot like me. People say remembering your own face is nearly impossible, but at least i can say he has short black hair and light brown skin just like me. However, he has, unlike me, a small mustache.

Austin dashes behind Snow, stops and swings his right claw at her left kneehole.

“Does the graffiti at our base’s entrance come from you?” I question him.

She swings her sword at his back.

“No, what does it say?” the mustache-guy asks interested.

Not being able to hit her, he jumps on her sword and tries to reach her head with his claws.

” ‘We know where you live’ ” I answer.

Her hair transforms into needles flying at Austin’s face.

“Haha, probably someone from the Anti-Team-Hell organization wrote that,” the mustache-guy laughs.

Both stop and head towards their starting positions.

“That’s what you get, f*cker! Good job, Snow!” he shouts.

“Anti-Team-Hell organization?” I ask him.

“…yeah, you guys have a pretty bad image.”

I’m surprised my team even has a name.

One hour later.

Austin vs. Snow ends 15 – 15 as they leave the arena.

“You’re leaving?” I ask mustache-guy, who is standing up from his spectator seat.

“Yeah,” he answers, “And tell your mates this: Team Cloud is always ready for a showdown if you think you can handle us.”

The guy leaves.

Two minutes later Austin appears.

“Snow told me you were watching,” he tells me.

“Yeah. This guy next to me from Team Cloud told me our team name is Team Hell,” I tell him.

His eyes widen.

“Ohh, you met Gondi. Team Cloud was once our rival,” he excitedly explains.

We exit through the gate.

“Not anymore?”

“You see, our team kinda lost interest in fighting a few years ago,” he answers.

We head back to the train station.

“You think they got better than you guys by now?” I ask him.

He flinches.

Then he angrily shouts, “Oi, what are you talkin about? Of course we’ll win!”

I tip on my ID card. A hologram appears.

“Austin you f*cker, seems like you accepted,” it says.

“Yes he said he would easily win against you,” I tell the hologram.

The hologram is showing Gondi’s face.

While we were watching them fight, Gondi showed me a lot of cool features this ID has. I was sure it’s magic, but he told me it’s technology.

My dad used to say technology can make the impossible possible. I thought it was just empty talk, but once again he was right.

“Haha, we’ll see about that. Next week?” he asks.

“Next month,” I answer.

Considering they didn’t train for years, one month should be necessary. Especially for an alcoholic like Clementine.

“Fine with that. I can’t wait to fight you, new guy!” he agrees.

I flinch.

I correct him, “What no, I’ll be watc-”

The hologram showing Gondi disappears.

Austin grits his teeth.

“Are you kiddin me, Kanos?” he finally asks me quietly.

“I kinda… wanted to see you guys fight?” I justify myself.

Austin disbelievingly looks at me with stunned eyes.

“Come on, if you guys have such cool abilities, why waste it? I’ll even teach you.”

Austin disbelievingly looks at me with stunned eyes.

After a while he says, “Well, can’t help it. But don’t f*ckin think you can get away with watching the fight. You will be our captain.”

“Why the Ca-”

He begins laughing maliciously.

“Because then they will all target you first Muahahahha!”

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