Arc 2 Chapter 7 Training

At the counter of the fitness center.

“May I have your ID?” the assistant asks me.

“Sure,” I comply.

“Thank you for registering. To enter hold your ID against that card reader.”

I thank her and go through the small gate you often see at toilets of gas stations.

“Holy, is this really for free? This is damn big!” I shout amazed.

Austin grins.

“Hehe, don’t be so excited. Behind this door there is also a training arena,” he tells me.

“An arena?! Aust, where is-” I ask, but soon realize he isn’t here anymore.

Where did he run off to?

Finally I see him.

He’s talking to a group of girls.

I ignore him and look around.

Finally I find the dumbbell section.

I go towards the smallest ones.

I laugh, “Haha, they even have one pounnnnnnn-ds.”

The dumbell doesn’t move.

I try taking it with both hands, but the dumbbell still doesn’t move a single inch.

I hastily look around. My face turns red.

I hope no on-

The tender hand of a woman- No, a model slowly pushes my hand aside.

She easily lifts the dumbbell.

I blink.

I look at my hands. Then I look at hers.

She grins.

What a stupid dream. How can a WOMAN be stronger than me?

“Are you new here? This isn’t one pound. This is 1000 pounds,” she explains.

“Why…?” I ask depressed.

“Do you expect the dumbbells to become continuously bigger as the weight increases?”

“Yes…?” I respond.

She begins laughing.

“Then what you gonna do about the 10.000 pounds ones? Or the 100.000 ones?” she asks me.

“… is your ability super strength?” I ask her.

“Nope. Most people can lift at least that.”

“… where are the 100 pound ones?” I quietly ask.

“Don’t be so depressed. Most abilities start flourishing after coming to this planet,” she tells me.

I ignore her.

“I’m gonna check out the arena,” I mumble.

Her eyes brighten.

“Wanna spare with me? Want me to teach you?” she asks.

Me, being taught by a WOMAN? Me, the underground wrestling champion?

“Nah, I’ll just watch,” I decline, “You can learn a lot from watching others.”

She looks at me upset.

“Who told you such idiocy? It’s learning by doing,” she tells me.

“My Dad,” I glare at her, “So shut the f*ck up.”

At the arena.

Many people are fighting.

I sit down. The white haired woman parted ways saying she wanted to fight in the arena.

My eyes are blinded by the abilities of various people.

Some are dazzling like fire and explosions.

Other are feel extremely magical like water flowing through the air and getting frozen quickly after.

Another person seem to be commanding an armada of monsters fighting a pair of knights.

The door of the arena opens and two people enter.

The woman from earlier and…

“Austin?” I say surprised.

“Do you know him?” a guy next to me asks me.

“Yeah,” I answer.

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