Arc 2 Chapter 6 Celebration

I respond to Austin staring at my ID card, “What you looking at? Want me to pay for my welcome gift?”

He flinches.

“W-What? N-Never!” he claims.

“I still can’t pay you ten grands for those mittens. But to show you my gratitude, let me treat you to a meal,” I propose.

Clementine looks at me with tired eyes.

“You sure? After all, you sacrificed your nuts for those points,” she asks me.

I happily respond, “Haha, I got lucky he didn’t hit that hard. Aside from that, I will earn more tomorrow at my next match.”

Alcoholics often have that kind of eyes.

She stares at me.

Still, they are a little different.


We enter a restaurant.

People take a quick look at us and then continue eating.

Austin hastily turns the page back and forth.

He mumbles, “Chicken with potatoes… Pork with pepper and… Beaf with noodle salad… Where is…”

I look at the frustrated Austin.

“You a vegetarian or what?” I ask.

“Yeah… Why did you want to go to a restaurant anyways? Some kiosk would have done the deed,” he answers disappointed.

“Nah, can’t do that. You know, back in my world we had the saying: ‘You want success? Invite your chef,'” I proudly explain.

He laughs, “Haha, that’s a good one. We’re not your chef though. Teach is.”


I give him a clueless look.

“You will see him soon anyways. Ohhh… that’s what I was searching for! Meatless starters!” he rejoices.

One hour later.

“Fuah~, I’m stuffed!”, Austin announces.

Kenny looks at him irritated.

“Aust, are you serious? You only had one salad,” he says.

“If he had eaten as much as you, Kanos would have been broke by now,” Clementine explains.

“Oh shut up. I even asked him if I could really order whatever I want. Half of your meals are paid by some random men. F*ckin b*tch,” he justifies himself.

I look at my ID card showing my points. The ID card is a price for winning your first fight in the arena.

Only 100 left…

The calculation was one or two meals per person, for one meal costing maximum 50 points.

Regardless of that, the slender Kenny alone ate 12 meals… shameless snake.

I change the subject.

“Pals, I intend to train at least once a day. Any place you could recommend?”

“Train…?” they respond irritated.

“What? Aren’t you guys fighters as well?” I ask them.

They sigh.

“You don’t understand, newbie. In this world, once you hit your limit, training won’t help you anymore,” Clementine explains.


She responds, “You think training will help you against an ice mage?”

I see what she’s sayin. But I heard that training in your dreams improves your real life skills.

“Don’t worry, Junior. Big brother will help you find one,” Austin tells me happily.

He and I part ways with the others.

We take a white coloured train stretching several hundred feet. The rails are surrounded by a transparent loop.

“Say, do you really have no ability?” he asks.

“Why? Do you doubt me?” I ask back.

“To be honest… yes. Besides everyone having at least one, I doubt that Teach would invite someone without an ability. Rather, it’s impossible for a person without one to enter this planet,” he explains.

“And what if someone gets a kid without one?”

“Birthing children is strictly prohibited. Shipping in people without unrivaled abilities as well,” he answers.

“Then what is mine?”

He shrugs his shoulders.


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