Arc 1 Chapter 4 Team

The guy told me to follow the streets for 300 steps, then turn right, then another 400 steps, then left, then- ohh, I can see it!

A red graffity covers the entrance.

“We know where you live!”

Someone wrote with blue plaint beneath that.
“This is a public address”

The door squeaks as I open it.

“Who the hell are you?” a lightly clothed woman asks me seemingly annoyed.

She wears white hot pants and a thin red t-shirt.

“I’ve been told this is my team basis,” I respond.

She sighs.

“Show me your crest.”

I turn around and lift my shirt.

“Oh, you have a nice back,” she compliments me.

She closes the door and leads me towards a messy living room.

“This is even more messy than my own room. I should really clean my room after I wake up,” I notice.

“You think this is a dream? Well, you’ll see after you die. Haha,” she laughs at me.

“So… can you give me some of those points. I am hungry,” I tell her.

She sits down onto a stained sofa.

“Even if I wanted to, I can’t. Points are something intradeable, you can only earn them by winning in the arena.”

“The tournament starts tomorrow. Is there any other way?” I ask her.

“Not really,” she answers while looking at the black screen of an old monitor.

I sit down next to her.

I grumble, “So, am I supposed to wait until winning the tournament or what?”

She reeks of alcohol.

“Winning? You sure are confident. What abilities do you have?”

She suddenly shows interest.

“I’m a wrestler second to none.” I proudly state.

“No no, I mean what abilities you have. Like supernatural strength or the ability to control fire.”

“None?” I respond irritated.

“Are you serious? You can’t win shit without one, but at least you have nice muscles. Most people born with super strength have no muscles at all,” she explains and opens a bear can.

“Yeah thanks man. If all people here have superpowers, what’s yours?”

She empties her beer.

“You kiddin me? You think I’ll just tell some stranger my abilities?”

I ask surprised, “Stranger? Aren’t we tea-”

A doorbell rings.

“Oh, seems like Kenny and Austin are back,” she tells me.

I give her a questioning gaze.

“They are our comrades. Let me introduce them to you,” she explains.

“Hiii, Clemi! Wanna grab some food with us?” a handsome man with orange to red hair runs in yelling.

A slender person with glasses enters.

“Clementine you wh*re, did you bring in another man?” he asks.

Clementine answers annoyed, “At least better than dating virtual ones. But no, I didn’t. He’s a new member.

New guy, this is Austin.”

She points at the guy with orange to red hair.

“Nice to meet ya, what’s your name new guy?” Austin asks me.

“Kanos,” I reply.

She then nods towards the black haired guy throwing his backpack into a corner.

“And this assh*le is the other one.”

Then he is Kenny, right?

I watch Kenny unpacking his backpack.

‘How did all that electronic stuff even fit in?’ I wonder.

“New guy, are you maybe hungry?” Austin enquires high-spirited.

“Yeah, I’m literally starved. Don’t have any of those points.”

“Clemi, Kenny! My treat!” he shouts.

“You’re paying? Count me in,” Kenny answers with an unchanging expression.

It didn’t change once since he arrived.

He heads towards us holding a gameboy in his hands.

Austin looks at Clementine laying on the sofa.

She declines.

“Nah, there’s still some beer left in the fridge.”

Austin looks at the dirty floor covered with dust and crumbs.

“What a bummer,” he says.

We leave this scruffy flat.

It very much resembles my own.

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