Arc 5 Chapter 33 Perfume

Back at the base one day later.

“It’s so boring… Com’on, let’s do some mission again,” Mars complains.

“Na, never. I don’t intend to throw my life away for some kick or worse, money. Last mission was scary enough,” Clementine tells us shaking her head.

“But we needa prepare for the big match in three weeks and I pretty much don’t have any other ways to train than risking my life at missions,” I say.

“I mean, you’re the captain, so just say the word and we’ll tag along,” Clemenine says annoyed.

“Well… I don’t wanna force you. I don’t think I could bear the responibility of you guys getting hurt because of my selfishness,” I explain.

I scroll through the various missions on my ID.

Austin adds nodding, “Yeah, I don’t think we should be doing those missions anymore. They’re way too dang-”

“That’s it!” I suddenly scream out rejoicing, “We’ll do this mission next!”

Mars’ mood suddenly lights up.

Austin and Clementine look at me irritated.

They ask, “Hey, didn’t you say you don’t wanna fo-”

I read out loud the description of the mission,

“The target is to find a certain flower. This flower is said to make any woman smell irresistible.”

‘This mission is the jackpot, hehe,’ I grin inside my thoughts.

Clementine’s face brightens up like never before.

“Really? Let me see! … Hmpf, who says it’s really the truth… and I heard that this planet is quite dangerous too,” she says.

Austin answers enraged, “Forget it! Clementine will never fall for-”

“But it can’t hurt to check it out, right? In my world they called it, ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating,’ or something like that,” she says with an excited face.

Austin looks at her with trembling hands.

With a shivering voice he asks, “You are joking, right? T-That planet…”

“What? Are you maybe scared?” she asks back.

Austin answers agitatated, “The ‘Red Platins’ are there! They’re more than just deadly!”

“How could you…,” Clementine quietly says with fake tears in her eyes, “When I was young I was being pushed around all day for smelling bad. Since then there was nothing I could dream but to smell good for once.”

She starts fake-crying.

Kenny, Mars, Fumio and I roll our eyes.

But Austin moves his hands around hastily trying to show her this isn’t what he meant.

“I thought I could finally beat my childhood trauma, but it seems like it can’t be helped…,” Clementine says and stares onto the ground while fake-tears flow down.

“O-Of course you can! It’s not like I’m scared or anything, I just didn’t want you to get hurt. Stop crying, p-please…,” Austin begs her.

I watch her wishing away her fake-tears.

My eyes focus on one of many tears falling onto the floor.

In this tear I recognize a moon shape reflection.

It’s the outline of her hidden grin.

She’s a girl after all. She will do anything for that perfume.

However, the longer I am here, the more I get the feeling that those guys might be leading me into the wrong direction.

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