Arc 5 Chapter 32 Skill Card

After saying goodbye to the village chief, Peter, Swifty and all the other villagers, we travel back to the capital.

I look at the status field of the progress system of our mission on my ID. It shows yellow.

“Seems like the village chief already confirmed the completion of our mission. Now we only need to wait for the guild to confirm it and we’ll get our rewards transferred onto our ID,” Fumio explains.

“Hm. Will we get into any trouble for me killing one of our party members?” I ask.

“Well, usually it gets difficult when killing a party member, but it seems like Jack has never been part of the party and the other three died against monsters, not us. I’m not super sure either but I think we should be fine,” Fumio answers.

After some hours.

We get off the hyperlooper at a station called ‘Space Port’ inside the capital.

The capital is a few hundred years into the future compared to the village.

Gigantic skyscrapers scrape the sky and fancy street lights light the streets.

“Those colls. The girl Emi told me you can use them only to buy guild intern products. Can I check them out online somewhere?” I ask while walking along the road towards the space port.

Then Fumio stops.

“No, it seems like because of security issues they only show it to people starting at a certain level. Also they only sell the products offline at the guild.

Luckily the next PST ship will arrive in about six hours, so we can check out the local guild before that.,” Fumio tells us.

“Hell yeah!” Mars agrees.

“Maybe they have some special electronics there. I’ll go too,” Kenny says.

“Hmm, I didn’t find it online, but maybe they have it at the guild. I need this stone or else I’ll never be able to transform,” Clementine tells us.

“Perfect. Let’s check it out then,” I agree.

An hour later at the guild.

A sound begins ringing.

“Hurray!” we shout as the status field changes from yellow to green.

I look at my ID bank account.

‘4k points, 2 colls’

“I’ll buy this. Don’t touch it, it’s mine,” Kenny says pointing at a book.

“Yeah, yeah, this 100k colls book is all for you,” Clementine says sarcastically.

“WHAT? 100k? How many do I have? 2? God, this is so unfair, I friggin want this,” he complains.

I read the book’s description.

It says, “Reading this book will allow you to master the fire skill. (This is only the book for mastering it. Buy the fire skill card first to attain the skill.)”

“Why do you wanna learn fire? I thought you wanted to buy electronics? And I don’t see what good this ability is if you sit in the chair while figthing anyways,” I ask Kenny irritated.

“I want it because it’s fire! It’s fire goddammit! Who doesn’t want to control fire?” Kenny answers.

Well, can’t argue there.

“But this book won’t get you the fire skill. You’ll have to buy some fire skill card first to attain the skill, but there’s a problem with that,” I tell him pointing at a warning sign next to the fire mastering book.

“Fire Skill Card: SOLD OUT!” is written on it.

After Clementine wasn’t able to find the ‘Hellfire Stone’ she desired, we found out that there literally isn’t anything to buy for less than five colls.

Therefore we leave and travel back to our planet.

The ‘Special Planet’.

Or, as it is officially called, “Nurn”

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