Arc 4 Chapter 31 The sin of murder

“Nice job killing this crazy psycho,” Mars tells me.

We’re currently enjoying ourselves on a feast prepared by the village for our victory.

“What, I killed him?”

I can’t really remember anything about what happened after Mars shot his fireballs at Jack like a machine gun.

“Yeah, really awesome. With your claws you sliced him into halves,” he says excited.

No matter how hard I try, I really can’t remember…

… wait, I think I ate somet- oh yeah! I took the Concentration pill! But what happened after that?

Whenever I try to remember, my head begins to itch.

“Seems like destiny wasn’t playing at his hands, making him loose his whole team. And he even got killed. What an unlucky day for him,” Mars tells me while loading his plate with all kinds of meat.

Then I begin to realize what he just said.

“Wait. I k-killed him?” I quietly ask as my face turns white.

“Y-Yeah, itf lookedf freakin coolf!” he answers with a full mouth.

I feel half digested food flowing into my mouth.

My head begins to hurt.

Then Mars looks at me shocked.

“Oh no, don’t tell me it’s the first time you killed somebody?” he asks.

I hold my hand in front of my mouth. A tear escapes my eye.

“Hold on. I’ll bring you to the forest,” Mars tells me and assist me with walking.

A few seconds later we arrive at the forest next to the village.

I lean onto a tree and puke.

He pats me onto my back.

“D-Did I really kill someone?” I ask.

He nods.

“F*ck, even though I promised! I’m sorry, dad,” I say and punch against the tree.

“Com’n, get your grip together. I know the first killing’s tough, but you’re our captain,” he says.

I stare silently onto the ground.

I can’t believe I actually killed someone. I’ve changed so much since coming here. Maybe too much.

“Bro, you gotta know this:

It’s either kill or get killed, sometimes there won’t be a third option.

Starting today, I’ll ensure those lazy f*ckers will train until they die from exhaustion. And then we’ll rise up to the very top. What do ya say about that? Sounds nice, right?” he asks.

Slowly my face regains its color.

I smile, “Well, it doesn’t sound too bad. And I’m the captain anyway, so I can’t waste time on such minor details.”

He happily smiles back.

“That’s our captain! I knew I could count on you!” he says happily.

However, getting over the sin of murder isn’t that easily accomplished.

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