Arc 4 Chapter 30 Parasite

“What? Is this a dream or is this real? Didn’t I defeat you just know?” I ask him irritated.

“Haha, I dematerialized just before you hit me, so no harm was done. But as you can imagine, I’m completely powerless after loosing to that Compression bastard,” he speaks.

“You were quite strong in my eyes.”

“Anyways, how many years since I was being dethroned?” he asks.

“I don’t know?” I answer shrugging my shoulders, “Didn’t you say you waited 2000 years or something?”

“About that, I just wanted to sound omniscient. Anyways, do you know what’s so special about my title?” he proudly asks.

“Ruler of Connection? It sounds deep shit. I would rather die than take that,” I tell him.

He shows me his middle finger.

“F*cker. You really don’t see anything special about my awesome title?” he asks me.

“No. And by the way, you interrupted my dream. It was at a very important part, you know,” I complain.

“I’m so sorry,” he says sarcastically.

“Some pretty old carvings inside your tomb told a story about a Ruler of Connection ruling over some planet in tyranny. Is that you?” I ask annoyed.

His face brightens.

He begins talking happily, “So you do know about me!”

“You f*cking idiot. So why are you in my body? I don’t want you,” I tell him.

“Because I need a host to recover. However, I will soon stop bothering you, so rest assured.

Aside from that you have to get stronger quickly if you want to know more about me. Once you can easily lift 10000 pounds one-handed, I’ll teach you about the seven Rulers of Space,” he says.

Suddenly he becomes more and more transparent.

Until I can barely see him.

Then he disappears.

Hours later.

“He fainted again. Does he have some kind of illness?” I hear Clementine’s voice.

I feel someone kicking me.

I open my eyes.

“Ouch. What da hell?” I shout.

“See, it worked! Told ya, didn’t I?” Kenny says.

I notice the warm light blending my eyes.

“Did we finish our mission?” I ask.

“Yeah. But too bad you fainted, there was this giant chest that appeared right after you defeated that transparent person,” Mars tells me excitedly.

“However, something weird occured,” Fumio explains.

I lay on a bed inside a small house. I recognize some villagers wandering around inside this room.

So we’re probably in the village from before.

Fumio continues, “A weird stone table flew at you and then kinda merged with your body.”

“Weird indeed,” I answer.

“Oh right, I met this Ru-” I try to tell him, but suddenly my head begins itching.

Who did I meet again? And what happened with Jack? Did Mars defeat him?

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