Arc 1 Chapter 3 Points

“Would you like to enter the yearly local tournament?”

A kind lady sitting behind the counter asks me.

“Yeah,” I answer.

“Ok, then sign up here.”

“Miss, I have a question about this all.”

“Go ahead and ask, but keep it short. Lots of people are waiting outside.”

“Do all people here have weird super powers like ice or heat?”

“Didn’t your advisor tell you? Hmm, show me your crest.”

I give her a questioning glance.

“It’s something which will be engraved at your back when you get transported. Your crest represents your advisor,” she explains.

I turn around and lift the back of my shirt.

“It’s his crest! No wonder that you don’t know a thing. I seriously don’t know whether you should be happy or frustrated about that. This guy is weird.”

She sighs.

“Ok…,” I respond irritated.

“Here’s your ticket. I wish you good luck for the tournament!

And since you’re new here, take this map of ‘District Zero’

But before you go for big sightseeing tours, I suggest you go find your team’s basis first. Some people might know about it if you ask them for help,” she advises me.

Outside the building.

“Ok, so instead of sightseeing I should find my team first?

Screw it, sightseeing comes first,” I determine.

‘Is it normal to sightsee your own dream?’ I wonder.

First things first. Let’s get something to eat.

No wait. I should be on the look for a clothing store as well, since it seems like I put away my mittens before falling asleep.

Without wearing mittens, I can’t fight.

I pass a few food stalls hoping to find a clothing store. One hour later I can’t hold back my hunger anymore.

“Hello mister, how much is one pizza prosciutto?” I ask the seller.

“20 points. Look at this price list beforehand,” he answers annoyed.


“If you’re here just for show then f*ck off,” he shouts angrily.

Ahh! I emptied my pockets before going to sleep. Not a single dollar!

Seems like I’ll have to postpone my sightseeing tour after all.

Let’s go the team’s basis then. They will surely give me some money, right?

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