Arc 4 Chapter 29 Amy

Steam emerges from the ice surrounding me.

The ice vapors.

It feels like I’m burning inside.

‘Is this really the doing of just one mere pill?’ I think amazed.

Five seconds later I’m free from the ice and charge at the person.

He throws his fist at me.

It felt like the effects of the pill stopped, since he moved just as fast as me.

But the pill’s effects didn’t end. It was just that this guy was so damn fast.

I dodge his punch and climb up his arm.

I run along his arm towards his head.

With the palm of the other hand, he tries to punch me away.

Then I jump down evading his palm.

I take three steps back.

Then I grin as I once again charge at him.

He throws his right hand at me.

He looks irritated as I don’t make any efforts to dodge his punch.

He blows away my left arm.

But I run ahead completely ignoring the paralyzing pain.

I grin as the pain rises my adrenaline level to its limits.

He looks at me confused and doesn’t move.

Then he smiles, “To think I would find him so fast. The devil’s luck… it really exists.”

I throw my claws right at his stomach.

One tiny fraction of a second before I hit him, his body suddenly turns completely blue.

My claws pierces don’t receive any feedback as the cut through the bluish body.

He shrinks.

Then another tiny fraction of a second later he’s nothing but a blue formless mass.

Finally he completely disappears.

‘I… won?’ I think irritated.

I close my eyes trying to recall what just happened.

Then I open them again. However, I am not where I was just now.

It seems like I fell asleep.

This time, I’m not watching the wolf though.

This time, I’m watching the girl.

She sits there, looking around.

Then she stands up dancing.

“Wuffi, when will you come back?” she sings looking into my eyes.

No wait, she probably can’t see me, so she’s looking into the sky.

Her blue eyes sparkle in the light of the stars.

Her black hair makes the blue sparkle even brighter.

Suddenly the door behind her opens.

“Amy, come do the laundry! And then help your dad with preparing dinner!” the woman commands the girl.

“Of course! What dinner?” Amy asks excited.

“It’s the twenty first of this month, so we’re having a feast tonight. Your father bought lots of meat!”

“Hooray!” Amy shouts cheering.

Then the woman leaves into the house.

Amy stays behind and looks happily into the sky.

“Meat! Finally I can give you the promised meat once you return. A good day isn’t it?” she speaks to the stars.

Then she goes in.

She does the laundry, helps her dad and then eats together with her parents.

After eating and talking for over two hours, Amy goes to sleep.

But suddenly, she jumps up again.

“Oh no, what if you appear today and I’m not here? How could I forget?” she mumbles shocked.

‘… What is with this overly pure girl? She’s probably dying of sleep if she decides to continue that idiocy.’

Then Amy goes out and waits.

And waits.

She waits for at least three hours.

Suddenly a shadow barely visible appears on the road.

‘No way…’

The wolf comes, or rather, the wolf who turned into a fearsome monster returns.

The wolf hesitates for a second as he recognizes Amy.

But the girl, not minding his appearance, runs at him with open arms.

She waves around the meat she holds in her right hand.

“Wuffi!” she shouts with tears in her eyes while running towards him.

But then, a loud noise echoes through the land.

The wolf and Amy stop in shock.

Only about fifty steps separates them.

Then all the villagers run out of their houses screaming and panicking.

“Quickly leave! Someone has angered the god of fire again!” they scream.

I look around irritated.

Then I see it.

Smoke coming from the vulcan covers hundreds of massive rocks crashing down from the sky.

It’s normal for a vulcan to errupt, it has nothing to do with a god. Such naive people.

Some of the stones are covered in lava.

“Amy, run! Wait… what is this… thing?!” the woman screams.

Amy looks at the vulcan petrified.

Then she screams, “NO! Not without wuffi!”

She runs towards the wolf.

“Don’t tell me, you… are friends with this monster? What did we do wrong? God of fire, please forgive her for angering you!” the woman shouts while running away.

A giant rock falls down and crushes the woman.

“M-Mom…?” Amy asks shocked, confused and terrified.

She stops and turns around.

She looks like her mind turned blank.

She stumbles confused forth and back.

Then another stone falls into her direction.

This time, it’s going to hit her.

The wolf sees the danger and runs at her, trying to help her.

Unexpectedly, the wolf speaks with broken english, “Rrun awray, krind girlr!”

Amy looks at the wolf with blank eyes, unable to move even an inch in her confusion.

But then, she smiles at him.

Her lips move as if she’s saying something, but no voice comes out.

The the wolf is still twenty feet away as the massive stone covered in lava crushes down.

A millisecond before Amy gets crushed, everything turns white.

A chair appears.

“Sit down, Kanos,” a voice orders.

“Who?” I ask.

Then a chair with a person sitting on it appears.

It feels as if I had seen him somewhere already.

“I’m,” he says, “the Ruler of Connection.”

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