Arc 4 Chapter 28 Concentration

Three rays of fire hit Jack into his upper body without him teleporting away fast enough.

On top of that he has already used up all the rubble hovering around him to defend himself against previous fire-rays.

Only a single stone is still circling around him.

Blood flows from Jack’s wounds.

“Sh*t. Devil’s luck. F*ck you,” Jack swears, “At least there’s no way you can escape death with the great Ruler of Connection being here.”

I take a look at Fumio fighting that so-called Ruler of Connection.

He charges at the ruler with electrical charged up fists and then exchanges a few blows with him.

Then Fumio takes some steps back and dodges the fists and kicks of the ruler while circling around him.

Then Fumio charges in again.

‘Amazing,’ I think astounded.

Brother Fumio is still standing against him and it doesn’t look like he’s going to go down any time soon.

I focus back on our fight.

“His secret is…,” Mars heavily breathes,

“…that he has to somehow charge up his teleportation. The shorter the timeframe between the last teleportation and the current, the shorter the distance he can travel.”

“Can you still keep on going? You seem quite exhausted,” I ask Mars.

“I-I can still go on, but I can’t use my fire anymore,” he answers.

“Well, that sucks. That was like our only hope to get him before he can teleport again,” I say.

“Oh f*ck… I’m sorry. I guess we’ll have to come up with something else,” he tells me.

“Ok, let’s just attack him like in the beginning,” I suggest and he nods.

Together we charge at him.

Shortly before hitting him, he teleports behind us.

We quickly turn around to attack him, since we learned from earlier that we shouldn’t strike down with all our might at our first attack, so that we can react faster.

However, he teleports again and strikes Mars into his back.

Another shallow wound shines through his rippled clothes. How many did he get already?

‘Dammit, we’re simply not fast enough.’

Wait, why didn’t he use the remaining piece of rubble to defend himself against Mars’ last three rays of fire?

I observe Jack.

The stone slowly circles around him.

Instead of attacking us, he observes us.

New rubble slowly rises from the ground and starts circling around him.

Something is different between that one stone and the others.

The others circle around him chaotically.

On the contrary that one stone seems to fly a certain route.

It heads into Mars’ direction.

Then it flies behind him.

About two steps behind him it stops.

‘Could it be…?’

Suddenly Jack teleports again.

He appears two steps behind him.

He tries to attack, but Mars quickly turns around and goes into a defensive position.

My eyes follow the stone.

It flies behind Mars again.

Then suddenly I notice something.

‘The mark! Didn’t he first appear when we pressed the weird symbol on Lucas jacket?’

I take the concentration pill.

Now, let’s see whether I’ll be able to concentrate on that stone enough to see it.

I closely look at the stone.

I feel as my eyes slowly zoom in.

Shallow light emerges from the stone.

Jack appears behind Mars again.

“It really is the mark!” I scream out excited.

Jack, who was about to leave another wound on Mars’ back, flinches.

He stops in his movements and looks at me.

His face becomes pale, but then he laughs.

“So what? Even if you destroy that mark, I’ll leave another one on another stone. Then you’ll never find out wher-”

He gets interrupted.

Mars pierced his sword through Jack’s stomach.

Jack teleports again and kneels on the ground.

He coughs up blood and slowly stands up.

His legs occasionally give in for a moment, but he still has enough strength to not fall over.

Jack’s entire clothes have already been dyed red with blood.

“Why the hell have murderers like you such luck? It’s so unfair,” he says furiously kicking a stone away.

Nearly all the smaller monsters have already been wiped out by Clementine, Austin, Kenny and Swifty.

More than five hours have passed since we entered this tomb.

I notice a piece of rubble flying towards the exit.

“Don’t even think of running away! Where’s your pride as a fighter?” I shout at him.

He weakly smiles at the stone which is about to leave the hall.

No!No!NO! I can’t let him escape! If I can’t even do my part, which is only defeating this one person, then I won’t be able to look them into their faces.

“I’m supposed to be the captain!” I shout.

I kind of pray. Not to a god or anyone else. I pray to myself.

Because I’m the only one who can decide whether I can do something or not.

I eat the pill.

I focus completely on the stone.

Anything else blurrs out of my vision and its movement slows down.

Then I run.

Nothing besides the stone and me exists.

The stone’s movement slow down more and more.

Seconds later I reach it.

I strike it down.

It crumbles under claws cutting it into pieces.

‘Finally I have something decent to attack with,’ I grin.

Then I rush at Jack.

He looks completely shocked.

His movements are slower than those of a snail.

I can’t explain what this is, but it feels amazing.

It’s like everything around me turned into a snake.

Then I reach back.

With full might, I cut Jack, who just stares at me shocked, in halves.

Seems like destiny wasn’t playing at his hands; making him loose his whole team.

But I don’t feel any pity.

I feel happiness.

‘I did it!’ I think relieved.

An amazing feeling.

But it’s not over yet.

I turn around and rush towards the only left enemy.

I run at the giant bluish-transparent ‘Ruler of Connection’ guy.

The ruler is in the middle of his fight against Fumio.

But both of them barely move at all.

Fumio slowly turns his head around and looks at me.

He slowly speaks, “This… is… not… a… normal… pill.”

I reach back to strike this ruler person with full force.

He slowly turns his head around.

I strike.

However, I don’t hit him, since I can’t move anymore.

My body has been completely frozen to a block of ice.

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