Arc 4 Chapter 27 Team Hell vs Psychopath vs Ruler

We look around shocked as the loud voice comes from all directions.

Then, next to Jack, a person triple of his size levitates through the ground.

He’s clothed in a black cloak and has a black crown on his head.

We cautiously observe him as he begins to speak,

“Are you the the impudent bastards who dared to interrupt this ruler’s sleep?”

His voice sounds weird. If I had to describe it, I would say it sounds transparent.

His body looks also a little transparent.

Suddenly Jack knees down in front of him and starts begging.

“Oh great ruler of connection, those people have gone on a rampage inside your tomb, waking you up from your slumber. May this humble being ask for this great ruler’s assisstance in obliterating this ill-mannered trash?” Jack asks him.

The giant transparent person looks down.

“How dare you lie into my face? Settle your grudges on your own, trash,” the person answers with a cold gaze.

Jack doesn’t give up though.

“This humble servant deserves to loose his life, but please reconsider! They woke you up from-”

He gets interrupted as the person kicks him away.

Jack flies till he crashes into the left wall.

“If you deserve to die, then die!” the person says.

‘Holy. That kick… is deadly.’

Then the person grins.

“I was waiting for this moment nearly 2000 years already. Show me what you got!” he shouts excited.

A cold shiver flows down my spine.

Fumio laughs, “Y rank mission? Haha this maybe even exceeds X rank!”

Fumio, Mars and I carefully observe this person while the others fully concentrate on exterminating those other dozens of monsters.

Clementine weaves her strings through the whole arena, cutting down nearly all the skeletal bats on her own.

Crimson black claws tear up one vampire after another and a black knight mercilessly strikes down the zombies.

Swifty kills the rest.

F*ck. I’m the only one. I’ve done nothing. The only monsters I killed, were the ones caught in Clementine’s strings, unable to move.

I can’t even kill Jack.

“Keke, what strenght,” I hear a person saying. The voice comes from the left wall.

Fumio grins, “I’ll take on the ghost, you take care of mr. psycho.”

Fumio intends to take this giant overpowered person on alone?

No, I wanna fight him! I’m the captain!

‘Stupid claws, come out!’ I shout inside my thoughts.

“Kanos, let’s go beat this psycho’s ass,” Mars says winking me over.

“Y-Yeah,” I say and nod.

Why won’t my claws come out?

Wait, maybe Kenny was joking when he said I grew claws?

Or maybe I need to concentrate more?

“There you are, bastards,” Jack says while climbing out of the crumbled wall.

He coughs up blood and walks towards Mars and me.

He only has a few scratches. I expected him to look a lot worse.

“Oh, you still seem to be fine even after such a powerful hit,” I tell him.

Mars and I stop walking further to avoid getting cornered by small monsters.

Jack still heads into our direction. He’s going fast paced, but he isn’t running.

“F*ck off!” he shouts at some monsters attacking him and shoots them down with some rubble.

Mars and I stay close to each other.

Then we run at Jack.

At the last moment he teleports behind us and tries to stab one of us with some rubble.

Then we hastily turn around and he teleports away again.

This cycle continues for some time.

He succeeds nearly every time in scratching us, but we never even touch him.

He is definitely trying to tire us out.

Luckily Mars and I still have a good amount of stamina left.

I flinch as the sound of thunder nearly shatters my ears.

I watch Fumio shooting lightning at the ghostly person.

Fumio holds his back against him.

Suddenly I feel pain as something pierces into my back.

Mars jumps at Jack who used my disturbed concentration to teleport behind me and attack me.

But he teleports again.

Jack appears a few steps in front of me, but at the same time a fire storm emerges from behind my back.

Jack teleports next to the fire storm, but one hand of his is missing.

“F*cking murderers,” he says gritting his teeth.

“Nice, how did you do it?” I ask Mars.

“Until now I wasn’t able to react fast enough when he appeared behind us, since he teleported when I swung my sword at him.

But this time I wasn’t in the middle of an attack, so I was able to react much faster,” he explains.

“What now?” I ask.

“Let’s just continue a bit more, I’m close to understanding the secret of his strength,” he tells me.

I nod.

We charge at Jack slowly standing up.

“Y-You f*ckers!” he screams and shoots at us with several pieces of rubble.

We dodge, but they change their directions midair.

They pierce into our flesh, but they’re not strong enough to completely pierce through our skin.

Mars lets out a scream and his stones burn away.

I rip the stones out of my wounds.

Lots of blood flows at first, but they quickly close.

Then he shoots a ray of fire from his fingers at Jack.

Jack teleports away.

He tries to make new rubble circling around him, but Mars shoots at him again faster than he can lift new stones, so Jack teleports again.

Mars shoots again.

Jack teleports again.

And again and again.

Then suddenly Mars shoots out one after another in a very short period of time, like a machine gun.

The shots are dispersed, not all target the same point.

He teleports away once, but Mars just continues shooting around his fire like a madman.

“Mars, I don’t think it’ll help. We already confirmed that he has no time restrictions,” I tell him.

He grins, “Secret confirmed.”

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