Arc 4 Chapter 26 A new foe

As I slowly,  but with force, pull the rubble-sword out of my chest, burning pain flows through my body whenever its craggy surface scratches my flesh.

The stronger I pull, the stronger the pain, the weaker my arms get.

“Why didn’t you stop them? WHY? They died because you wanted to laugh at them!” Jack screams while charging at Mars.

Mars’ playing with his muscles, since he probably wants to attack him head on, but he doesn’t.

Jack could catch him off guard from behind if he’s too rash.

On the other hand, Jack doesn’t teleport because Mars is expecting him to do so.

Also he probably stopped attacking me because Fumio started to cover me while I’m healing the hole in my chest.

Even so, if he would teleport fast enough, he could slash up Mars without endangering being countered.

“Fumio, do you think he has some limitations to his ability, like uses per timeframe?” I ask quietly.

“Nah, abilities with uses per time frame are very unusual. Normally such restrictions only applies to low level artificial skills,” he explains.

“Artificial skills?” I ask back.

“Yeah, you can buy skills as well. Also there are pills allowing you to temporarly use a skill you don’t have,” Fumio tells me while watching Jack run at Mars.

As soon as Jack is less than five feet away from Mars, a flaming sword swings horizontally at Jack while he guards himself with a few pieces of rubble.

Meanwhile Clementine, Austin and Kenny regaied their composure and started attacking minor monsters.

However, not as a team.

And then they started insulting again.

“Hey, that was mine!” “Woah, you nearly killed me there!” “Shitty noob, you don’t even know the basics! Keep your distance, retarded anti m8!” is what you can hear them shouting all the time.

When we get back, we seriously have to study the art of fighting as a team.

At the same time Mars’ sword cuts through the space where Jack stood until just now.

“Damn it!” Mars shouts frustrated, but he doesn’t stop the movement of his sword.

Jack appears behind his back again, trying to stab him with another rubble-sword.

However, Mars seems to have foreseen this and just continues his horizontal swing. He turns around, together with his sword.

Jack screams surprised as he didn’t expect Mars to respond so quick.

The flaming sword cuts Jack into his side, but he teleports away directly after.

He stands in the middle of the room, between both of us.

“He got hit! Nice one, Bro!” I shout after noticing little blood flowing from a wound where Jack’s jacket has been cut open.

“Fumio, thanks for the cover. I’m fully healed again,” I tell Fumio, so that he can focus on helping the others to obliterate the masses of monsters again.

He looks surprised at my healed chest.

Then he smiles at Jack.

I see Fumio shooting a lightning bolt at him, who teleports away shortly before getting hit.

A fraction of a second later he shoots another one at Jack.

Jack lets out a scream of pain.

“I knew it. This guy can’t teleport immediately after teleporting,” Fumio tells me.


Then Mars and I charge at Jack again.

As expected, he teleports away shortly before getting hit.

I throw the rubble-sword he stabbed me with earlier at him.

‘Oops,’ I think while watching the sword wobbling through the air.

I didn’t think I would be that bad at throwing a sword.

Not that I should have expected anything better. After all, I’ve never used a weapon before.

After some time the sword starts circling around Jack like the other rubble.

We charge at him again.

This time, Mars shoots a big firestorm at Jack immediately after his teleportation.

Jack disappears within the firestorm which had been coming too fast for him to be able to teleport again.

‘Seems like we killed him.’

We brofist on our victory.

A sharp rock flies between us so fast it’s barely visible.

“Did you really think it’s over already?” we hear a voice from behind us.

We turn around shocked and recognize him sitting a hundred steps away on the other side of the hall.

“His teleports are delayed… is what you thought, right? Keke, aren’t I great at roleplaying?” he laughs.

“Why are you so far away, are you maybe scared of us?” I shout through the several hundreds feet long hall.

If he was really roleplaying though, we don’t have any way to win against him.

Jack begins laughing like a maniac.

“Die! Die! DIE!”, I can hear him shouting, “Despicable murderers, even dying won’t atone for your sins.”

“This guy, I can’t read him at all,” I tell Mars.

“Same, and that’s not good. Reading is essential to winning,” he says with tension in his voice.

We stand there and quietly observe Jack.

If this flaw of him was just fake, then how are we supposed to beat him?

“Come here or we’ll come to you, crying psycho!” I shout.

He laughs.

“Save your words. We’ll continue after I summon him,” he shouts, “Even I can’t win against seven of you on my own. So I need to be reassured that every last one of you will be killed.”

He completely lost his sanity.

Meanwhile the others managed to come down and meet up with us.

“What the hell is going on? Is he that strong?” Kenny asks.

His chair drives around automatically, which looks really relaxing, while he’s wildly pressing buttons on his keyboard.

Just pressing some buttons is enough for him to be stronger than me.

“Well we don’t really know. He’s kind of hard to read. I don’t even know if he’s bluffing right now about summoning someone or not,” I explain.

Then I see Jack pushing something…

What does he seek to achieve with pushing some loose stones around?

Suddenly the whole hall vibrates, making tons of rubble fall down from the ceiling.

An extremely cold wind blows through my hair.

We flinch as a loud and deep voice speaks,

“Who dares to interrupt my slumber?”

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