Arc 4 Chapter 25 Revenge

“Clementine, prepare for E5!” Fumio shouts while dozens of vampires, skeletal bats and zombies with sparkling red eyes charge at us.

Three seconds later they are already only a few dozen feets away from us.

“Yeah, ah… wait, what was E5 again?” Clementine mumbles nervously looking around.

Then she hastily moves her hands around the air.

“Wait no, that’s-” Austin screams as giant lightning bolts fill the scenery.

However, we didn’t get hurt, since curved walls completely surrounded us in the last moment.

“Whew, that barrier of strings sure is awesome, what a nice teamplay!” Swifty says astounded, but Austin and Kenny seem to have a different opinion.

“Do you know what you just did? Quickly release the barrier right now, incompetent b*tch!” Kenny screams at her.

Clementine looks at him shocked.

“S-Sorry,” she mumbles shaking.

“Kenny, that’s enough! She’s simply out of exercise after a whole year,” Austin says while Clementine releases the barrier with shaking hands.

I look around trying to find what’s their problem.

All of the monster’s bodies lay on the ground, completely roasted from lightning with smaller lightning occasionally emerging from their remains.

To our right lays Fumio, slowly but steadily standing up.

He’s completely covered in blood.

Then he coughs up blood a few times.

“Ha-ha, seems like you guys are a bit out of exercise, alright,” Fumio smiles.

However, Kenny grits his teeth and shouts at her,

“F*ck, because of YOU, Fumio has been cut up by your stupid strings! Why would you even think of putting them up outside of the barrier? So f*ckin STU-”

“Instead of crying around you should just focus on not making the same mistake as her and f*ckin beat up those monsters and not her!” Austin interrupts him.

Clementine doesn’t even fight back. Instead she silently looks on the ground.

This is not what I had imagined. I thought they would cooperate like you would expect from a team having fought numerous fights as a team already.

But instead, they are hindering each other.

‘Shit, how bothersome.’

Mars seems to be quite disappointed with that development as well, as he is charging down the stairs towards the nearest enemy.

I’m rushing down close behind him, to the only enemy still alive, the screaming psycho.

While we head down, new monsters emerge from all directions.

They come at us, but Swifty who followed us holds them off.

“Kekeke, did you come to redeem your sins, traitors?” the person standing in the middle of the room laughs.

Wait, isn’t that… the guy who teleported here earlier?

Rubble rises from the ground. It is circling around the him.

As we close in, Mars shoots several rays of fire.

“I, Jack, swear upon my life, that I will get revenge for you, my dear teammates, on these traitors who left you to die” the psycho speaks to the frozen person who seems to be Lucas.

When did we ever do that? Is there some kind of misunderstanding?

Meanwhile, he blocks Mars’ fire-rays with the rubble he seems to be able to freely control.

“I understand that you’re angry, but it’s not our fault that he underestimated the dangers of this tomb,” I tell Jack.

Suddenly he glares at us.

“Not your fault? You could have stopped him, but instead you laughed at him!” he angrily shouts while shooting pieces of rubble at us.

Meanwhile Mars got Jack into the range of his sword and swings the sword at him.

Jack doges sideways and jumps a few steps back.

“DIE! F*CKIN DIE!” he screams while shooting rubble at us.

‘Losing his mates made him go crazy. He’s beyond help,’ I think while charging at him from the other side.

We run at him while avoiding the small pieces of rubble he’s throwing at us.

Mars swings his fire cloaked sword at him from the one side and I throw my right fist at him from the other side.

A perfect pincer attack.

I hear the sound of a stone being cut.

Mars cut the floor with his sword.

“What? Where is he?” I ask shocked.

“DIE!DIE!DIE!” a person from behind me screams.

“Behind!” Mars screams as I turn around and see rubble in form of a sword cutting through my frozen breath.

I try to duck, but it’s too late.

I hear thunder.

My vision turns blue for a split second.

I look to my left.

An electrocuted Jack lays on the ground several steps to my left.

“F*ck you…,” he silently says with angry eyes, “I’ll kill you, no matter what!”

He slowly stands up again.

“What are you doing? Attack him now that he’s down while I’m dealing with the other monsters,” Fumio says while electrocuting one monster after another.

We stand still, looking at Jack.

“Killing someone on the ground,” Mars and I tell him, “is no fun.”

“Keke, what a kind facade. Traitors, this’ll be your-”

Suddenly he disappears again.

“-end!” he whispers from behind me.

At the same moment, I see his rubble-sword piercing through my chest.

I can feel his breath, but am unable to move because of intense pain.

Less than a second later, Fumio shoots another lightning bolt at Jack.

But he teleported once again.

My chest is hurting terribly.

I tremble.

With excitement.

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