Arc 4 Chapter 24 Not Y

“No! Wh-What is this? A-Are they… d-dead?” I ask petrified as I see them.

Emi and the muscular guy lay torn apart on the floor. They are dead.

“Looks like they got them,” Fumio says and sighs.

“Yeah, seems like the numbers were too much for them to handle. You can still see the remnants of their desperate fight,” Austin explains and points around.

“Everywhere are signs of corrosion, maybe one of them had such an ability? But why are there only Emi and the muscular guy?” I ask.

“I was also wondering about that,” Austin says.

After some time, Fumio speaks up, “Look at that, those are blood traces. Wait, look at that!”

Someone wrote with blood “I’ll f*cking kill you, traitors!”

“This was probably the guy screaming around which I warned you about earlier,” I tell them.

“Oh, I thought it was a joke, since I didn’t hear a thing and my hearing is pretty good,” Fumio explains and further examines those two dead people.

Then he takes their ID cards and two pills.

“Take this,” he says giving me one of the pills.

“And Kenny, you take those ID cards,” he says.

As we advance further, my hands feel frozen and my breath looks like white smoke.

Luckily I had bought expensive mittens, as they keep my hands from turning into ice.

“Is this some kind of medicine?” I ask Fumio.

“Not quite. It’s called ‘Concentration pill’. Take it when you’re in a pinch,” he answers.

After some time, the monsters stop coming after us, allowing us to follow the blood traces without difficulties.

A strong, ice-cold wind starts blowing. It comes from further ahead.

Then we reach a big open hall.

“One step further and you will be cursed with eternal sleep” someone carved on the wall. Although it’s already been damaged over time.

“Damn, it’s so f*ckin cold,” I tell them jumping up and down to keep me warm.

“True, there’s a cold breeze coming from this hall. But c’mon, it’s not that cold,” Kenny says.

Mars tries to go further, but Fumio stops him.

“Don’t. I don’t think this curse he’s talkin about is a joke. It may not be a real one, but if I interpret it correctly, then with curse he refers to the cold winds,” he explains,

“Mountaineers undermesting the winds, would often end up freezing to death. Nature is not a force to be messed with.”

“You mean, unless you’re strong enough, right?” Mars laughs and points with his sword into the hall.


“Burn!” Mars shouts as a big ray of flames lightens up the whole cave.

“Found you~,” someone sings, “TrAitOrs~.”

I notice a person in the middle of the room standing up, while carrying another person covered in ice in his hands.

“This is the screaming psycho,” I mumble.

As we slowly head down the 200 feet long stairway in front of us, noises of metal being pushed along the ground start jangling and creaking.

“Impudent bandits breaking into my slumber, this shall be your demise,” a deep voice echoes through the hall, shaking the walls and making the ceiling crumble.

It’s not the voice from the psycho.

Then a very loud metallic noise comes from behind us.

I turn around.

The entrance had been closed off.

“This is not just a ‘Y’ ranked mission,” Fumio grins packing away his sword.

As numerous monsters and a psycho charge at us, sparkling blue lightning envelopes Fumio’s hands.

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