Arc 4 Chapter 23 Kenny

A cold breeze blows through the slightly open door.

“It’s open? Was there someone here before us?” Kenny asks with a slight hint of disappointment.

Fumio slowly opens the door.

‘Damn, this door looks heavy as f*ck. It’s at least ten feet high. ‘

After he opened it enough for us to fit through, we go in one by one.

I stop a second and try moving it.

Wasted effort.

“Kanos, what the hell are you doing? We’ll leave you behind…,” Clementine tells me while I’m desperately trying to push it.

Embarrassed I follow them up.

I discover some blood on the floor.

Some steps later a big crack appears on the floor.

On the walls I discover several carvings.

They show people confronting a nine feet tall person.

Going alongside the wall, I forget about the swords cutting flesh and the screams of burning zombies.

Looking at those carvings makes me feel as if I myself had witnessed that war firsthand.

The people desperately try to kill this person by shooting fire at him, they throw poisoned weapons at him and even summon a gigantic water dragon.

But this one person, facing those hundreds of thousand all alone, only lifted one finger as his response.

Suddenly more than half of the people had exploded in an instant, even the water dragon was nowhere to be seen.

This lasted on for ten years, until the people from various planets had finally given up and he succeeded as the ruler of this planet.

He would call himself the Ruler of Connection and the people would bear hatred towards his tyrannical dictatorship, but any daring to defy his words would be killed instantly, no matter where they were.

This went on for a whole century, until another god-like person came, challenging him for a certain item of his.

Sadly the item is not any closer described.

After a battle lasting only two days and two nights, the challenger defeated the tyrannical ruler and announced the beginning of a new decade.

After he left the planet, he would be worshipped as the god of salvation.

The statue they built in honor of his deeds would carry the name ‘Ruler of Compression’.

“Get ready to fight for yourselves!” Mars suddenly shouts.

The others flinch as they see what creatures changed place with the zombies.

“What are those disgusting flying things?” I ask.

The coldness suddenly becomes even colder as the new enemy approaches us.

I realize that the floor I was walking along is covered with dead bodies of those.

“I don’t f*ckin now, but they sure are fast!” Mars shouts.

“Those things are vampires. Watch out for they are rumored to have tremendous regenerative abilities,” Kenny tells us, taking out his computer.

“If they’re so dangerous, why are you playin a game? Is this how you fight or what?” I jokingly ask him.

“You’re sharp,” he answers me, “Do you think I play this game just for fun?”

“You do. Freakin addict…,” Clementine comments annoyed.

While Kenny slowly builds up his computer on a wooden plate bound around his body, the others show what they’re made of.

Austin viciously tears the vampires apart with his crimson black shining claws, while Clementine restricts the movements of any monster approaching with her orange strings, letting me easily kill them off.

Although we easily surpass dozens of them, it gets continously more straining as their number rises over time.

We can only slowly advance, as I suddenly hear a faint scream.

“Noooo! How did it come to this? If you just… No, I shouldn’t blame a dead person. Then who…? Ha-ha, how could I forget? It’s their fault. If they had just… Don’t worry brother, I promise to avenge you.

I’ll f*ckin KILL you, bastaaaaaaaaaaards!” someone screams. It echoes through the tunnel.

I flinch.

Some monsters turn into the direction of the scream.

“Guys be careful, there’s a person who lost his sanity ahead of us,” I tell them.

Fumio slightly nods.

“Mmh,” he says.

Meanwhile Clementine started to use multiple strings in order to keep up with the increasing amount of enemies, while Kenny fully built up his gaming setup.

An elegant chair having appeared out of nowhere moves on its own, while his monitor, mouse and keyboard lay on a wooden plate connected to the armrests.

“Initialise ‘Evil Knight’,” Kenny speaks.

Suddenly thousands of blue shining squares appear, slowly creating a full plated knight.

After a minute or two, Kenny’s character from DLO appeared outside and immeadiately started cutting up those vampires.

Watching him moving his mouse and spamming keys; it’s like he’s playin some game.

Swifty covered his sword with some kind of aura, making it stronger and faster.

Mars started to swing his burning sword around relentlessly.

Only Fumio is still swinging around unfaced his sword in ‘X’es. However, no matter how many they are, once they get struck by his curved sword, they drop dead.

‘So strong,’ I think watching them. Even the Swifty kills ten times more than me.

Aren’t I supposed to be strong? Aren’t I supposed to be a rumored expert? Aren’t I supposed to be their captain?

Then what’s this?

No matter what, I have to find some way to fulfill those ‘extreme conditions’ Kenny spoke of and become f*cking stronger than this sorry state of mine.

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