Arc 4 Chapter 22 Warning

Five minutes later.

I faintly hear noises coming from inside the temple.

After some more minutes, one zombie comes out.


“Should I?” Mars asks.

Fumio nods.

Mars points with his sword against the zombie.

Behind the zombie there are several more following up.

“Burn,” he says.

A ray of flames, several times bigger than the one he shot at my heart, comes out of the peak of his sword.

He grins.

The village’s expert looks at Mars shocked.

“With fire… as expected from such rumored experts!” he shouts amazed as couple of zombies turn into ashes.

Then we go into the temple.

Mars walks in front of us defeating most of the zombies.

I try to turn my hands into claws, since Kenny told me I did that during my last match.

It doesn’t work though.

Therefore I stay in the middle with Austin, Kenny and Clementine.

The village’s expert takes on the left side with amazing swordsmanship.

Fumio swings a slightly curved sword around in the form of ‘X’es.

It looks like he is just randomly swinging his sword around, but every zombie is down after receiving just a single slash.

‘Must be a good sword.’

“What wonderful precision! Even a dull iron sword would be an artifact in your hands,” the expert says amazed.

“Haha, you flatter me,” Fumio tells him laughing, “I’m just doing swordsmanship as a hobby. I’m still far from your level.”

We continue going into the direction where the zombies come from for at least an hour.

A barely noticable cold gust blows through the tunnels, becoming stronger as we advance further.

The other party probably lost their way between all those forks, wherefore they weren’t able to take down the zombies ahead of us.

On our way Fumio accepted the challenge to kill some zombies without destroying their core.

It proved to be quite difficult and he even needed Clementine’s help in the end.

She shot out some orange strings stopping the zombies movement.

Then Fumio cleanly cut out their cores.

Those red colored cores felt damn smooth. On top of that it seemed like they were shining a little.

Swifty was so astounished of their feet that he couldn’t stop praising them.

Therefore we have a couple dozens of red shiny stones now which Kenny put away somewhere.

Suddenly a big door appears.

“Those who disturb the ruler’s sleep shall be cursed for an eternity.

Those who steal from the great Ruler of Connection, shall never see the light again,” is written on it.

And beneath that, nearly unreadable, is written, “Unl… y… … wor… of bei… … su… or.”

“How scary, they sure had big mouths on this planet,” Fumio laughs.

I hope those words aren’t just all bark. I’d love to see some insanely strong enemy forcing our team to go all out.

They need to be remembered what it feels like to fight a fight with your life on the line.

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