Arc 4 Chapter 21 Dispute

“T-Thank y-y-you! W-We a-are v-v-very t-t-thankf-f-full!” an old man stutters.

He is the chief of this small medieval village and is responsible for registering the mission.

All of his teeth except for one are missing.

We arrived at this planet a few hours ago. It took quite some to travel from this planet’s capital to this remote village.

It was an incredible travel. At first we used a hyperlooper, then a flying bus, then a normal bus, then a stinking bus with wooden interior and lastly with a horse-powered carriage.

We were the only ones to travel to this remote village.

“DIE! You f*ckin piece of sh*t!” someone shouts from far away making us flinch.

Then I faintly hear a sword cutting flesh.

“What happened? Did someone just get murdered?” I ask shocked.

The old man pokes the middle aged man next to him and then nods at him.

It seems like the village’s chief has a hard time speaking with only one tooth.

Then the middle aged man next to the chief begins speaking, “My name’s Peter and I’m very thankful to you for accepting our request. Don’t worry though, the scream is the battlecry of our village’s last expert fighting to protect this village.”

“Oh, ok. Any more infos you can give us on the zombies?” Lucas asks.

“Those things are immune to fire and it feels like there’s no end to them. Every wave is bigger than the one before,” Peter tells us.

“Ok~, so let’s go~!” Lucas shouts and throws his fist into the air.

“Ohh! I-It’s g-g-good s-seeing y-you s-s-so c-confid-dent!” the village chief says happily.

Suddenly Lucas fist stops in midair and his expression changes.

“Wait, if fire’s not gonna work, what are we gonna do?” he asks irritated.

“Are there any problems? Ask me anything,” Peter asks.

Lucas flinches.

“Well…,” he mumbles.

“Oh, are those the experts from the special planet?” the expert who was screaming earlier asks, “Honorful experts, let me show you around. I’ve always wanted to see such rumored people fight!”

The expert is calling us experts? Confusing…

“Erm…,” Lucas now stutters.

“Ah sorry, my name’s Swifty. Did you maybe not bring your weapons? No worries, I got your back!” the expert talks in a fast manner.

“No, not rea-”

“As expected! Weapons are unnecessary for experts like you. Btw I was wondering if rumored experts like you can also kill zombies without destroyig their inner core?” Swifty asks.

While he keeps talking without letting us say a word, we arrive at an old temple.

At least we now know that we have to destroy their inner cores to defeat them.

“My grandpa said all people from this planet are stronger than the grave. Oh, there we are! Another wave of zombies should be coming out of here in less than an hour!”

‘Stronger than the grave?’ What’s that supposed to mean?

I notice the muscular guy from Lucas’ party mumbling to his captain.

“Lucas, should we call him now? Maybe he wants to place his mark on some safe place before fighting,” he asks quietly.

Lucas grins at him.

“No. It’s payback for using me as his means of transport!” he quietly answers.

‘Is there another one with them? But weren’t only these three present when we registered for this mission together?’

This ancient temple looks kinda neglected with all those vines covering the whole outside, but maybe temples are supposed to look like that.

I can’t say because it’s my first time seeing one. My dad once told me temples are build around graves of very powerful individuals.

I slowly let my hand slide over the temple’s walls. Even though the outside is quite warm, these stones feel ice cold.

“Let’s go in!” Lucas shouts.

Kenny interrupts.

“No, we should wait for the next wave so we can track them back to their source.”

“What are you say-” Lucas shouts.

“Ohh, as expected from such rumored experts! You obviously have a lot of experience!” Swifty says happily.

I avert my eyes from the mossy walls.

Swifty is called an expert here and his appearance show he’s worthy of that title. He’s literally covered in scars, one going through the middle of his face. It looks as if his head had once been cut in half.

Kenny adjusts his glasses and slightly grins. I think.

Then he speaks coldly, “Of course, what kind of expert wouldn’t know about the dangers of underground mazes. I wouldn’t be able to call myself an expert would I not have known such basic temple exploration rules.”

I notice him throwing a gaze at Lucas every now and then.

Lucas obviously notices that too and angrily shouts,

“F*ck you, I won’t let you make fun of me!”

“What? When did I ever do t- don’t tell me you actually wanted to just rush in? I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, fellow EXPERT,” he smiles at Lucas maliciously.

It’s my first time to see Kenny like that. I had never expected him to have that kind of a side.

“This idiot…,” Clementine face palms and quietly mumbles, “His gaming personality activated. He’s even more of an assh*le in that state. Can this get any worse?”

I hope not.

“Screw you, you make mistakes yourself, just as you thought fire would do them in!” Lucas shouts annoyed and throws his jacket away.

Swifty looks around irritated.

He’s an experienced, professional fighter in his fourties, so I don’t think he had expected such rumored fighters, as he calls us, to be so childish.

“You think we can’t kill them with fire? Want me to teach you the difference between natural fire and an ability’s fire?” Kenny provokes him grinning.

“Ha!” Lucas shouts, “Then we will just go in there and prove my plan to be better! Guys, start plan ‘Beat’em all up!’ ”

The girl Emi and the muscular guy look not quite happy, but quietly follow their captain into the temple.

After a while, Austin says surprised, “In all his anger he forgot to put his jacket on.”

Kenny smiles coldly, “Since they left it, they don’t need it, right?”

Then he heads towards Austin and they both examine it.

“Uh, erm… is that some sort of common practice between experts?” Swifty asks irritated pointing at them.

I shrug my shoulders and watch them.

“What is this? Some kind of magic circle maybe?” Kenny asks.

“Magic circle?” Austin asks.

“Back in my world there were magicians who could do all sorta things with those circles,” Kenny explains.

“Interesting… how do they work?” Austin asks.

Kenny stops and thinks.

Then he says, “I don’t know. Maybe you just need to touch-”

Suddenly light covers the jacket.

We look surprised as a person appears.

“Lucas, what’s the situation?” the person asks.

He looks around and sees our stunned faces.

“Whaat? Where’s Lucas? Why do you have his jacket? What have you done to him?”

He jumps back some steps and takes in a defensive position.

“Well, he hurried in because he wanted to prove that you don’t need to be cautios with temple’s mazes,” Kenny explains.

“Oh no, Lucas you helpless little… and why didn’t he call me beforehand?” he speaks looking around nervously.

“He said he wanted to pay you back for using him as his means of transport,” I tell him.

“Whaat? This idiot! Excuse me, I have to go!” he says while rushing into the temple.

“This is quite rare. This guy has a space type ability,” Fumio explains.

“F-Five minutes to go, experts,” Swifty interrupts us quietly.


I grin excited.

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