Arc 4 Chapter 20 Colls

Lucas, the leader of the group of three, invited us to a mission which we accepted, since we couldn’t decide on a mission anyways.

Therefore Lucas created an online party which we all had to join.

Then he registered our party for the mission.

“Where do we have to go now?” I ask.

“Onto another planet. Luckily the planet is still inside this galaxy, so we can use the public spaceshuttle for little money,” Lucas explains.

We follow signs saying, “Public Space Transport”.

“Won’t it take an eternity with the PST?” Fumio asks.

“Don’t tell me, you guys actually have a private space ship?” Lucas asks excitedly.

“Haha, no way! Do you know how expensive that is?” Fumio laughs.

Lucas looks down dissapointed.

Then we arrive at a gigantic hall.

This gigantic hall is filled with dozens of gigantic spaceships.

Each of these spaceships is at least several thousand steps long.

“I’m always amazed how they exactly look like a star-destroyer,” Fumio says smiling.

“Star-destroyer…?” Lucas mumbles.

Two hours later I stick to a window inside the ship and look down as it slowly lifts from the ground.

Suddenly, above us the ceiling opens up like a lens of a camera.

Light shines upon the spaceship as we fly into the sky.

“Get off the window and play cards with us. Have you never flown before?” Austin tells me laughing.

I haven’t.

Two days later.

We’re still not there.

People come and go. I’ve already seen thousands of different people walking past us.

“Are we there already?” I ask.

“No, obviously not. They will announce the planet’s name when we’re close to arriving,” Lucas from the other party explains.

He has wavy red hair.

“For how much longer…? This is HORRIBLE! How long has it been? 2 days? That’s kind of embarrassing for an advanced civilization like this,” I curse.

“Haha, it’s not like that ship’s the fastest,” he laughs, “The problem is that you guys are too poor for good stuff.”

I throw him an annoyed gaze. But he’s right. Except for Mars, we’re all broke.

And except for Fumio. I don’t know about him.

“So, what kind of ranks are you guys?” I ask them out of boredom.

He looks surprised.

Then he laughs, “Don’t worry, we are all plenty strong. Well, regarding our mission…”

‘Wow, he just ditched my question. At least he’s self-confident.’

Then Lucas looks at his ID.

“The description of our mission says:


Exterminate the Zombie plague by its roots.

‘Our village has been a very beautiful place under the stars for ages, but as of recently zombies started to appear every now and then.

After further investigation we concluded the source of this threat being an ancient grave in the middle of our village.

Please help our village as fast as possible, since the amount of zomies exiting continues to grow over time. We don’t know how long we’ll be able to last!’

*Mission reward: 20.000p + 2 colls*

*Rank: ‘Y’*

Those 20.000 points should greatly help poor people like you out, right?” he explains.

Just too bad we have to divide those 20k points with you guys. At least those colls are per person.

‘Man, when do we arrive…?’ I think annoyed.

And where are the others anyways?

I look to my right.

Clementine is sleeping because of too much alcohol again and Kenny is completely immersed in ‘Demon Lord Online’ like always.

Kenny could’ve just brought the small ‘Gameboy Revolution’ with him, but instead he brought his whole computer with him.

The others went off somewhere at some time.

“Hmm, not too bad, that’s why we accepted. But what’s up with those ‘colls’ ?” I ask Lucas.

Lucas grins, “Let me expl-”

Unexpectedly the blonde girl from his party interrupts him.

“Colls are the currency used only at guilds. However, you can only use them to buy stuff from the guild. Just like points, they’re intradeable,” she answers.

She’s quite small, but she smiles like an angel. Truly dazzling.

And the other guy from Lucas’ party who is quite musculous, has also been in a good mood ever since we first met. Also he’s smiling like…

a thug… or pervert… and just coincidentally staring at her whenever I look at him.

Those three are kind of irritating. Always smiling. Always cheerful.

“How do you kill dead beings?” Lucas asks with a thinking expression.

Kenny holds in and Clementine opens an eye.

I also questioned myself that a lot already.

Tears come out of the blonde girls face.

“What? Didn’t you say you had a plan? You lied to me!” she says crying.

He looks shocked.

“Ahh, don’t cry, Emi-chan! I’ll make a plan in no time,” he tells her.

My intuition kinda tells me that these guys have no battle experience at all. They behave as if they’re still kids.

Then he looks at us with a serious face.

“Originally my plan was to run in and just beat’em all up, but then I realized that even if we beat up those zombies up, they will just stand up again. Any ideas, fellow adventurers?” he asks.

We roll our eyes.

Then Kenny speaks up, “I know how to defeat them.”

Our eyes wander in his direction. He hadn’t talked in their presence till now.

Meanwhile Austin and Fumio approach us laughing loudly.

“Hey guys~,” Fumio shouts.

Then they notice the tense atmosphere and look at us irritated.

“Fire,” Kenny says.

Mars jumps up.

Where did he come from?

“Don’t worry bros, my Flame Sword will burn down EVERYTHING!” he shouts.

Austin and Fumio look at him irritated.

“Next stop: Planet Nynx. Everyone leaving here please head over to the beaming sectors. In five minutes we will be close enough to the planet to activate the beaming array,” a voice announces through the speakers.


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