Arc 1 Chapter 2 Arrival

“Whoa what happened, are you a magician or somethi-

NO way…”

I’m standing on a big square surrounded by giant sky scrapers. Flying cars and dragons are roaming the sky. My jaw drops to the ground.


This is a really cool dream for once.

“Hey b*tch! Get going!”

I hear someone getting angry at me,

“I still wanna sign up for the tournament. Sign ups will end soon, you know. So piss away!”

As I come back to senses, first thing I see is a fist flying with high speed at me. I block it at the last second.

I shout at him, “What’s up with you? Don’t think you can jus-“

I let out a cry of pain. My wrist begins burning like it’s boiled.

What is this? His entire arm is red! It’s boiling my damn arm f*ck!

I try to free myself but it doesn’t work. Instead his grip becomes only tighter.

With his second hand, the guy now tries to punch and burn my face as well.

Not good! If this continues…

A distant voice resounds.

“What are you doing during my watch?”

Suddenly a blizzard begins blowing and instantly stops the movement of all the people on the square. It freezes everthing and everyone.

A flying person appears.

“Heaty boy, did the advisor not teach you how things are running here?

In that case let me clarify it one last time:

No fighting outside the arena allowed!

If you value your life that is.”

That flying dude seems to be controlling the blizzard. What kind of shit am I dreaming? How old am I? 10? 11? Seriously… dragons, flying cars and an ice mage…

As the ice mage leaves, the blizzard clears away and some people regain their ability to move.

Random people begin chattering.

“Did you see that just now? That was ‘White Tiger’s blizzard storm!”

“Yeah, he is so hot! Even though he is an ice mage!”

“Calm down boys, we are gonna fight him next week in the arena. If we train hard enough we can still win!”

“You guys are gonna fight him? Isn’t he in the local top 100?”

“Local top 100? No wonder considering he has to deal with all those newbies every day.”

“Haha you’re right. When I first came here, I was too full of myself and threw a stone weighing a ton at him. Guess what? He caught it with one hand.”

They laugh, “Haha, what did you expect?”

Over time the coldness freezing our body vanishes.

Finally I am freed as well. The heat guy is somehow the only person left to still be freezed. Shouldn’t ice be unaffective against his heat?

I ignore him and then head towards a big sign.

“Tournament entry here. Last day for signing up!” it says with neon glowing letters.

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