Arc 3 Chapter 18 DLO

“Did I loose?” I ask into the room.

I open my eyes.

I hear Kenny’s voice, “Oh, you’re awake.”

Slowly my eyes adapt to the light.

I look around remembering my last match.

“Kenny, can I ask you something?” I ask him.

“Sure, go ahead,” he answers while playing on his computer.

“I never lost my cool before, but last match it was like I was being controlled. Not really, but you know, like… at least so that I couldn’t prevail loosing my cool,” I explain.

“Yeah, sucks to suck I guess,” he says staring at his computer.

“Isn’t that kinda unfair? What if someone is able to completely control you? Isn’t it impossible to win then?” I ask him.

He sighs and slowly turns around.

“Of course it’s unfair. Or do you think your ability isn’t? But for sure not unbeatable,” he answers.

I throw a shocked gaze at him.

I point at him.

I slowly speak, “So you also…”

He sighs again and walks over to the couch I’m layin on.

“Just to let you know, this guy only amplified a certain emotion as far as I know. But still, this kinda trick only works on newbies thinking physical strength is everything,” he explains.

He throws a small device at me.

A screen in the middle starts glowing.

“Welcome to Demon Lord Online,” the screen says.

I stare at the screen.

“It’s a game. Let’s play while waiting for the others to come back,” he suggests.

“Ok… what do I do?” I ask irritated.

“Create a character and then follow the tutorial.”

I stare at the screen.

He takes the device out of my hand.

“Are you blind or something? It says ‘Tap anywhere to play’ .”

After that we play that game some time – he plays it on his computer and I play it on this small device called ‘Gameboy Revolution’. The ultimate goal of this MMORPG is to become the ‘Demon Lord’.

Back in my old world they often broadcasted advertisements for so called ‘DMMORPG’s, but it was way too expensive. Even the simplest games were illegal and therefore very expensive for people living outside the city.

I look up.

“How can you play this all day?” I ask him.

He looks at me surprised.

“Do you not like it?”

“It got kinda boring after killing the tenth goblin,” I tell him.

“You don’t play it right. If you do, it’s fun though,” he explains.

“How do I p-”

“Practice,” he answers.

“Wow, that’s boring,” I say disappointed.

I look at his monitor.

He explains, “Now you know why we stopped training. But…”

I can’t see shit because of explosions covering the whole monitor.


Finally the explosions came to a halt. His character is very big and has a full plated armor looking like steel equipped.

“When I saw your fight, I realized something,” he says.

“You still haven’t told me whether I had won,” I remind him.

“At first you had no ablities.

Then you had the healing ability.

And last match you transformed your hands into claws,” he tells me staring into the air.

“Claws?” I ask irritated.

“Memory loss, huh? No wonder considering how he crushed you at the end. Either way, you got so much stronger in such a short amount of time,” he answers.

“So I lost…,” I conclude depressed.

“Yeah. However I realized that whenever you faced an extreme situation, your skills were able to evolve,” he says.

“What do you mean?”

“Against Mars you were about to die, allowing your healing ability to show its full potential.

The pig face stirred up your anger to an extreme, making you go berserk.

So I thought, maybe we have to fulfill certain extreme conditions to unlock new abilities?” Kenny explains.

“Does that mean everyone can unlock every ability?” I ask him.

The doorbell rings.

“No. It simply means we haven’t fully unlocked our own ability yet,” he grins.

He never grinned before.

“Therefore they were buying supplies for our first mission today,” he says while walking to the door.

“Claws…,” I mumble while looking at my hands.

He opens the door.

Mars runs in.

“Bro, you awake?” he asks me.

“So you guys are really ok with going onto a mission now?” I ask them.

Austin answers, “We voted and it resulted in a 3 : 2, but I sincerely don’t know how you convinced Kenny to agree.”

“HELL YEAH! Missions, I’m coming!” Mars screams running around the sofa.

“3 : 2? Aren’t you only four people?” I ask.

Someone covered with dirt comes in.

“Boy, was I surprised to hear we actually have two new members. Nice to meetcha, Kanos, I’m Fumio,” he introduces himself cheerfully.

Mars and Austin help me stand up.

Fumio smiles widely shouting, “What a wonderful day!” as we leave the house.

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