Arc 3 Chapter 17 Dream 2

The wolf again.

The village already nearly disappeared from my sight.

It walks alonside the vulcan.

Suddenly it stops and looks back.

Then it keeps going.

Some hours later it crosses a forest.

A bunny appears.

The wolf notices and sneaks behind some trees and bushes.

The moment the bunny was about to jump, the wolf rushes out.

The bunny can’t evade being caught, since it was still in midair.

‘A wolf’s instincts indeed are superb.’

But unexpectedly the wolf stops shortly before catching it.

It looks at the ground as the bunny escapes.

Then it continues walking.

Hour after hour.

His stomach rumbles.

The forest ends.

He continues walking along the foot of the vulcan.

After a few hours another village appears.

He watches it for some time.

After it got dark, he continues once again.

He strolls through the streets of the village.

He looks around as if he’s searching for someone.

‘Did he mistake this village maybe?’

It seems plausible, but it shouldn’t be the case.

Wild animals usually have a great sense of orientation, so he should know this village looks different, smells different and is far away from the other one.

I hear people laughing.

“You stupid beggar, give me your money!” someone shouts.

“N-No, my wi-” someone else shouts panicked.

I hear them beating the person up.

“Haha, do you really think she needs you? Without you, she could at least become a wh*re and make some money,” the first person talks annoyed.

“N-No, she’s ill. If she doesn’t get food-”

The beggar already cries.

They beat him up again.

The wolf slowly approaches the alley from where the sounds come from.

“You worthless trash! If you just died, she wouldn’t have gotten ill. Now she’s worthless as well.

Guys, take his money. He lost his worth,” the first person demands annoyed.

“N-No, don’t kill me!”

“K, Boss,” some others answer coldly.

The underling swings his dagger at the beggar’s throat.

However, just before hitting the middle aged beggar, he falls over.

The wolf bites the underling into his neck.

After he died, the wolf runs away.

Then I recognize the other people from before.

The wolf charges at them.

The boss turns around and kicks the wolf away.

He curses the wolf and continues walking.

But the wolf hasn’t given up yet.

He growls deeply.

The group of three turns around again.

Suddenly the wolf becomes faster and claws grow where his paws were.

He charges at them.

They panic.

The wolf heartlessly kills the three people.

Then he chews on their bones until even the last piece of flesh is eaten.

Watching it was horrible, but also satisfying.

Then his claws turn back into paws again.

He walks towards the alley where the middle aged man was threatened.

He sniffs the small alley.

Then he walks through various alleys and streets.

After some time he finds the beggar crying.

The man sits on the stairs in front of a rotten door.

The wolf approaches.

As the man notices him, he presses himself against the door and looks hastily around.

He screams, “G-Go away, you monster!”

But the wolf doesn’t move.

He keeps staring at the man.

Suddenly the man takes one step at the wolf.

He looks down on him with an angry face.

“You stupid monster, because of you he will come back for revenge and kill my wife as well!” he shouts.

Then he kicks the wolf.

‘Isn’t he afraid of the wolf?’

The man flinches.

Then he begins trembling, while watching the wolf staying up.

The wolf approaches him and then stops again.

After some while, the man stops trembling.

Then he kicks the wolf again.

“You worthless thing, if you would just die, she would at least have something to eat!” the man shouts.

He walks towards him and kicks him.

Again and again.

Two hours later, the man leaves the wolf who is on the brink of death all alone.

“Why couldn’t this trash just have died?” the man says annoyed while walking away.

The wolf stands up again.

His paws turn into claws again.

His teeth grow bigger.

All his wounds immediately heal.

Then he charges at the man who was already nearly out of my sight.

But in a matter of seconds, the wolf catches up and ruthlessly kills him.

After eating all his flesh, he leaves the city and continues his journey.

While the day breaks in, he howls for a long time.

He once again transformed into a monster to kill someone.

But this time, he never changed back.

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