Arc 3 Chapter 16 Tournament – third match

In front of me stands a… pig?

No it’s not a pig. It’s a well built man.

He’s waaay more well built than me.

And he has the head of a wild boar.

A monster?

“You scared, little fellow?” he says annoyed… or is it laughing?

This guy grunts, but somehow I can still completely understand him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let this fight between two newcomers, ‘The Shredder’ and ‘Hammer Of Doom’ begin!” the stadium speaker announces.


“Three!” the speaker counts down.

I observe my opponent.

He doesn’t have one, is it just a nickname?


” ‘Hammer Of Doom’ ? What’s up with that stupid name? You don’t even have a hammer, fat piggy!” I provoke him.

He answers calmly, “Why bark if you can bite?”


Too bad he isn’t one to be provoked easily. I guess I should try out my newly regrown right arm.

As I slowly walk towards him, I realize how massive this guy really is.

He’s at least three steps tall, but luckily most of it seems to be fat.

How come I never saw any monsters on the streets?

I close in circling.

Suddenly I charge towards him.

He quickly reacts and swings his left arm at me.

I duck and punch his knee.

He blocks it with his right hand.

He’s moving his hands so fast I can only see them blurred.

I jump back some steps.

I charge at him again, closely observing every movements of his giant muscles.


I take one small step to the right as his right arm flies at me.

While it slightly misses my body, I grab it with both my hands.

Then I push myself off and take two steps behind his back.

I quickly turn around and punch him into his kneehole.

His right leg bends a bit, but not much.

He doesn’t turn around or fight back, so I jump against his back.

Then I use it as a foothold to jump even higher.

At the highest point I form a big fist with both my hands and try to smash his head while flying down.

At the last moment I realize something.

‘Why isn’t he moving?’

Suddenly he takes one step forward, quickly turns around and grins.

Then with his right fist, he punches me into my stomach.

I couldn’t dodge, since I was still in the air.

‘Why did I do something so reckless? Nobody would just stay still and let himself get defeated from someone several times weaker.’

I cough up blood while flying back several steps.

My ribs feel bro- No, crushed.

Blood flows all over my body.

But that’s good. As long as I stay conscious I will grow stronger.

I look at him walking towards me.

I try hard to endure the endless pain.

He takes out a small hammer.

“If you don’t wanna die, I suggest you just give up,” the guy tells me.

I laugh at him.

He laughs back wholeheartedly.

‘Why is he laughing? It pisses me off!’

“With that small hammer of yours, what can you possibly do?” I ask him.

I closely observe him.

The moment he strikes, I’ll dodge and do a surprise attack.

“Isn’t it obvious? A Small hammer for a Small fry,” he smiles kindly.

‘This guy… he is pissing me off! I’ll f*ckin wipe that smile off his face.’

I bit my lips.

“Don’t worry. If you forfeit, I’ll give you my hand and help you find the doctor,” he tells me with a kind smile.

‘His niceness… it is so f*ckin irritating…’

I angrily stare at his kind smile.

‘I’ll kill him!’

I can’t hold back anymore.

“You f*ckin pig, don’t you dare make fun of me!”

I jump straight at him.

Suddenly his kind smile turns into an evil grin.

‘Wait… am I stupid?’

I look up and see him swinging a big hammer.

It grows even bigger and bigger as it closes in.

I jump sideways to evade it.

But it wasn’t enough.

‘How could I loose my composure like that?’ I ask myself as the hammer strucks down.

I black out for a second as it severs my right ear and everything right to my spine.

Except for my head, it crushed the whole right half of my body.

The pain is even worse than when my heart got burned out.


Luckily I regained my composure fast enough and did that one sidestep.

Otherwise my head would have been crushed on top of my whole right side.

He walks into my sight.

I can’t move at all.

Blood covers my whole body and the ground.

“Wow, you are still alive. Amazing,” he compliments me.

Shit, I’m loosing my composure again.

I never lost my composure even once.

That’s why I’m sure it’s the doing of his ability.

Also his hammer grew.

Probably an ability as well.

He continues smiling kindly at me.

I can’t loose my composure again.

‘Stay calm,’ I tell myself over and over again.

Several seconds pass.

Parts of my right side regrew.

‘Stay calm.’

“You only have one leg, do you need my help to stand up?” he kindly asks.

‘Stay calm. Stay calm. Stay calm.’

With my remaining arm and foot I try crawling away so I don’t have to face him.

If I loose my composure again, I’ll be killed for sure.

I hear people screaming.

“Bro, are you stupid? Give up! You don’t have a chance anyways. Just give up!”

“Don’t waste your life!”

“Don’t ruin my dream of going on missions!”

They’re right. I don’t have a chance anyways, so why don’t I just give up?

I see the hammer freak again.

“Don’t make your parents worry and give up. Everyone’s life has worth, even yours,” he smiles kindly while offering me his hand.

‘Keep calm. Keep CALM! KEE-‘

With my regrown right hand and leg, I push myself off the ground and jump at him.

My right hand and leg shatter from the pressure, since they were not more than skin.

My left hand transforms into a claw and cuts through his throat.

Inmidst the attack my consciousness fades.

I smile relieved as blood sprays from his wound.

Once again, I have a dream.

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