Arc 3 Chapter 14 Mars

“Oh, he’s opening his eyes,” the first one says.

It’s Austin.

The whole room is shaking.

“Now you can pay me back for your over priced mittens,” he demands.

I grin, “F*ck you.”

I fly up and crash down.

“Why the f*ck is everything shaking? It hurts like hell.”

“We’re in a car. That’s why,” Austin tells me.

“Are we going to a hospital?” I ask.

“No, to our basis,” he responds.

“Don’t you know what happened? That crazy bastard burned out my heart and severed my left arm.”

“Crazy bastard? Aren’t you the one who ran into my sword only to catch me by surprise?” someone laughs, “And I don’t think you need one anyways.”

“Why is this Flame Sword guy here?” I complain.

“You know… we don’t have a car.

And you should thank him, since he carried you to us after finding you collapsed in the changing room,” Austin explains.

“Thank you I guess.”

“Captain, when are we going to train? I wanna fight you again,”  Flame Sword asks me.

“Captain?” I ask back.

Austin responds, “Yeah, he’s our new team member. Teach came to check on your wounds and this guy asked him if he could join us.”

I look at them surprised.

“Teach was there?” I ask.

“Yeah we were surprised as well,” Austin answers.

“Why did you join our team, Flame Sword? Isn’t the team predetermined by your crest?” I ask Flame Sword.

“Usually, yes. But there are a few exceptions,” Austin explains.

“Bro, don’t call me Flame Sword. My name’s Mars. And the reason I could change the teams was because my old team threw me out.”

I laugh, “Are you for real? What did you do?”

“I underestimated you and got careless. Short, I played with you,” Mars explains.

“What? Don’t lie,” I shout laughing.

“He’s not. He really was playing. Did you really think it’s so easy to get into the local top 1000?” Clementine asks.

I respond, “Isn’t it only top 1000? And only local on top of that.”

“You must be joking. Every single inhabitant of this planet is a prodigy who was at least the very strongest on an entire planet. And local includes every single citizen of this town with over millions of people,” Kenny explains.

“What would you guys rank me at?” I ask them.

“That’s one difficult question. Top 100.000? Or maybe Top 10.000?” Austin answers.

“If you ask me. At the beginning of our match you were one of the Top one million weakest. But at the end your rank increased to Top 100.000 strongest,” Mars tells me smiling.

He makes a fist and points his thumb upwards.

We reach our basis.

Mars flinches.

“Holy shit, this is one messed up room. Where are the sleeping rooms?” he asks.

Clementine and I sit down on the sofa and Austin sits down on the armrest.

The others sit down on the floor.

“We only have this one room,” Austin answers, “And a bath.”

Mars looks stunned.

He looks around.

He finally speaks, “Why don’t you guys buy something better? Even I alone can buy you something two times as big.”

“Well, Clementine spends all her money on alcohol, Kenny spends all his money on electronic stuff and I…”

“He spends his money buying drinks for random girls,” Kenny answers.

Austin flinches.

Mars grins, “Haha, that’s what I’d expect from my bro’s friends! Awesome!”

“Don’t be too excited. This was the past,” I announce.

They give me irritated gazes.

“Starting today we will go training every single day. Besides that all of you guys will start making money.”

Their irritated gazes turn into annoyed gazes.

“How? We can’t enter the yearly local tournament anymore and there aren’t much possibilities besides that.”

I laugh maliciously, “Don’t worry, I did a bit of research myself. The internet indeed is an amazing place.”

They flinch.

They start trembling, but not because of excitement.

They tremble because of nervosity.

Why are they nervous?

I don’t know. Maybe they’re scared? Or they just forgot the feeling of a fight.

The feeling of a fight with your life on the line.

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