Arc 3 Chapter 13 Dream

There’s a wolf.

It’s wandering around.

I wonder where it is going.

It goes left and right. And left again. Then it stops.

Is it wandering around aimlessly?

Or is it trying to mark it’s territory?

After some hours it leaves the forest.

A mountain appears.

He tries to climb it, but it soon becomes extremely hot.

A volcano probably.

He turns around.

Then he walks along the foot of the vulcan.

After some hours he finds a village.

It became night an hour ago.

Not a single soul on the streets.

A girl appears from behind a tree.

“Wuffi, do you want an apple?” she asks.

‘Is she stupid, this isn’t a dog.’

The wolf sniffs the apple.

Then he looks at the innocently smiling girl.

Then he eats it.

His stomach rumbles.

He hasn’t eaten anything other than that apple since I first saw him.

He must be hungry.

The girl continues smiling.

He bares his teeth.

The girl begins patting the dog.

“You must be hungry. If we had any I would have given it to you,” she tells him.

‘I won’t feel any pity if she gets killed.’

The wolf bares his teeth.

He jumps at the girl with an open mouth.

The girl’s stomach rumbles.

Suddenly the wolf stops.


He licks her face.

Then he leaves.

“If you come again, I’ll give you some meat! I promise,” she shouts.

The wolf turns around.

He bares his teeth.

Then he continues walking alongside the vulcan.

Suddenly I hear familiar voices.

“New guy~, you okay?” I hear someone asking.

“He should just have died,” another person says.

“So much about having no ability,” a third person adds.

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