Arc 3 Chapter 12 Exhaustion

In the changing room.

My heart still hurts like sh*t.

My left arm looks like it is fully healed.

But only from the outside.

It still hurts like hell.

I look at my mittens.

They remind me of my dad, my wrestling career and my dream.

The dream to fight opponents making me shiver.

I sit there and look at the palm of my hands.

Blood decorates them.

Is this really what I wanted?

They tremble.

I guess there’s no use denying it.

“Thank you Teach for bringing me here.

I’ll never forget,” I say exhausted.

It definitely is.

Half a minute later my eyes close.

I hear a distorted sound of a door opening.

All the pain slowly subsides.

My eyes open again.

I have a dream.

A real dream for once.

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