Arc 2. Chapter 11 Tournament – Second match part 2

I dodge at the last moment and box him into his stomach.

His sword gets stuck in the ground.

Much to my surprise, he uses it to quickly accelerate out of my range.

‘He overpowered my fist so easily,’ I notice astounded.

He grins, “Sorry dude, I think I lost my cool there for a sec.”

He keeps grinning, “Are you really that weak?”

I observe him carefully.

“I don’t even need a sword for that,” he laughs.

“Mere words!” I shout.

He throws his sword aside.

Is this guy underestimating me?

I go into defense as he charges at me.

I block one punch after another.

I take one step back, duck and try to find an opening.

Futile effort.

He’s too fast.

On top of that his punches continuously become faster.

An opening!

I take one step to my left and throw my left fist at his side.

I panicked.

He takes one step forward and hits me into my face.

I fly back some steps.

‘Isn’t he supposed to be a swordsman?’

Slowly I come back to my senses and get up.

I approach him.

He grins and forms a pistol with his right hand.


“Good bye,” he grins.

A ray of flames pierces my heart.

I cough up blood.

Blood flows out of my chest.

I’m too shocked to feel pain.

I see him laughing at me.

Then I look at where my heart is supposed to be.

I can only find a burnt out hole.

My consciousness begins to fade.

Pain starts wrecking my mind.

This pain is like the pain I felt at my first match. Just thousands of times as painful.

I remember the fanboy who broke into my house.

“Who will win… don’t you wanna know… do you want to see how far you can go… you will soon get what you desire so much… the tournament will begin soon…”

Could it be… this is no dream after all?

My senses dull.

Some time later.

“Good bye, Team Hell. And good luck against Team Cloud,” I mumble.

“What, this guy’s still alive? Annoying bug!” I hear a voice.

Slowly I open my eyes again.

I look at my wound.

It’s all healed.

“Was it a dream af-”

A sword flies at my stomach.

I roll to the side and jump up.

I’m healed?

I look at my earlier wound with great surprise.

Suddenly I feel tremendous pain again.

It healed probably just enough to keep me alive.

“So that’s your ability. Now I understand why your were so confident,” Flame Sword grins.

I take a few steps back.

“I’ll apologize for my earlier rudeness. You indeed are worth using my sword,” he tells me smiling.

Is he really en- enjoying this?

I begin trembling.

He picks up his sword and swings it vertically at me.

I barely duck, grip his sword, take a step forward and punch him into his side.

My burned hand slowly heals as I take another step forward.

Suddenly I realize. How could I forget? The reason I’m trembling right now is the same reason why Mr. Beard trembled last match.

I kick him into his knees.

He swiftly turns around.

I retract my foot slightly before his sword would have cut it off.

I tremble because of a certain emotion which accompanied me during my wrestling career. The one that might me fight, even if I was about to collapse.

His flaming sword whirls around creating a storm of fire.

It looks like the water shooting out from a garden rose. Just with a 100 times as big radius. And instead of water, it is fire.

I run away, but I loose my left hand to the storm of death.

He charges at me.

I charge at him.

This one emotion, I couldn’t feel it before because of another feeling, safety.

Since I considered this a dream, I didn’t feel any danger.

He reaches back with his sword.

I reach back with my nearly regrown left hand for a stong punch.

But now, I finally feel what I had longed for. The one emotion making me shiver, making me tremble.

His sword cuts through my left shoulder, severing my left arm.

I grin.

It’s excitement. The excitement of risking my own life.

I ignore the pain and jump at him.

I pack him with my right hand and kick him into his stomach.

His sword flies at my legs, but I had already jumped into the air and over his shoulder.

He tries to remove my hand from his shoulder but my grip is too strong.

“You didn’t only heal yourself…” he says shocked.

I throw him down, and just before he hits the ground, my right foot kicks him at the back of his head.

He falls down unconscious.

Seeing his sword, I take precaution and take it away.

I watch the fire surrounding the sword slowly fading away.

The pain I could earlier ignore now comes back at me.

My severed arm lays five steps away from me.

Ten seconds later.

He still lays on the ground.

The severed arm started to decompose and a third of my left arm already grew back.

Three seconds later.

Will he stand up, or did I win?

I wouldn’t mind either.

Two seconds later.

“Ladies and gent-”

‘Flaming Sword’ stands up.

He grins at me and forms the ‘I Surrender’ symbol.

“Thank you. I think I never had as much fun as in this battle,” he tells me and bows down.

“The winner of this dangerous match is the newcomer The Shredder ” the speaker announces.

The people clap. They also jeer. I think.

“To be honest, when you burned out my heart, I thought I was a goner for sure,” I laugh.

“You brought me the one emotion I had long desired.nI hope we can have another match just as exciting in the future,” I tell him smiling.

My head feels dizzy as I tottery leave the arena.

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