Arc 2. Chapter 10 Tournament – Second match

After quickly eating some cereals and jogging around this district, I head to the arena.

My second match will start soon.

In front of the arena I see an unexpected face.

Mr. Beard, my opponent from last match, stands there together with a small girl.

“Stupidsta, look, there he is! Now do what you promised!” she tells him.

‘Stupidsta? What a fitting name.’

I laugh and walk towards them.

“Hello, ‘The Shredder’,” he says.

“Call me Kanos. The Shredder is only my fighting name,” I tell him.

” ‘Course. You know, I wanted to apologize and thank you for what you did.”

“Apologize? What for?” I ask him.

“For trampling on your back while you where laying on the ground. I never thought you would actually wait for me to stand up,” he explains.

Seriously. This guy is pissing me off.

“You think I care? Are you even a man? I seriously thought you crushed my balls!” I shout.

The other people stare at us.

Don’t worry, it’s just a dream, I tell myself.

I walk away towards the entrance of the arena.

The girl next to him runs after me.

She has sky blue eyes, sky blue pigtails and a sky blue shirt.

“Please forgive him, will you?” she asks with puppy eyes.

“What do you want?” I ask her annoyed.

She pouts.

“You meanie, do you know how much I went through to make my brother apologize?”

She looks like she’s about to cry.

“Like I care.”

I try to shoo her away with hand gestures.

“At least give me your number so he can properly apologize,” she demands.

“Piss off kid.”

She pouts again.

“I’m 28 you know! Oh, so that’s your number. Thank you! Also my name is Sky!” she happily tells me.

She waves her hands with a stupid smile and finally leaves me alone.

“Wait… why did she act like I gave her my number?” I wonder.

I enter the arena.

“I hope this bastard gets killed,” I hear Clementine shout.

“Don’t be like that, Clemi. Everyone makes mistakes,” Austin person tells her.

“I hope this stupid piece of sh*t will be cut into pieces. Dragging us into this sh*tty match…” Kenny curses.

I was already wondering why they were so nice to me after Teach left.

Teach surely must be powerful.

My opponent walks in with a sword laying on his shoulder.

I tremble.

What kind of tournament allows swords?

“Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy Flame Sword vs The Shredder. Let the battle begin!” the stadium speaker announces.

“Hey small fry, fighting without a weapon? You sure are confident about your ability!” my opponent laughs.

“Three!” the speaker counts down.

Should I just forfeit?

“Why are you lookin at me like that? Don’t tell me you just died from shock, haha!” Flame Sword laughs.



“My appearance is truly scary, I must admit. I am even in the local top 1000 after all,” he proudly tells me.

Nooo! I can’t let this chance to fight someone making me shiver go to waste!

I grin, “You might be misinterpreting.”


He looks at me irritated.

This is just a dream anyways. No harm done.

“I thought about whether I should get serious and use my ability unlike last match,” I tell him.

Of course, that’s just a bluff to make him feel insecure.


The earlier confident Flame Sword now slowly approaches me.

He takes one small step after another.

“Where’s all your confidence all of a sudden?” I laugh.

He stops.

“So that’s how much one of the local top 1000 amounts to?” I provoke him.

His face slowly turns red.

“Oh no, did you just pee your pants? Are you really from the top 1000?” I make fun of him.

He accelerates like a madman.

“Don’t screw with me!” he screams.

With a big swing of his sword, which is fully surrounded by fire, he charges at me.

“F*ckin asshole, don’t underestimate me!” he screams swinging his big sword at me.

I grin.

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