Arc 1 Chapter 1 Prologue

In a shabby arena really far away from the city.

Bells are ringing three times signaling the match is over.

“Ladies and gentlemen! I’m proud to announce the tournament’s winner. ‘The Shredder’ won the round and is therefore our new champion!”

People are cheering and clapping.

“This year’s prodigy is only 6.2 feet, 174 pounds and no more than 19 years old! Mr. Kanos, any words to your fans on this unparalleled achievement?”

I clench my mitten covered fists.

“I’m the strongest!” I scream into the crowd and throw my hands into the air.

They cheer back.

‘I entered this wrestling tournament only to test myself, but to think it would be so easy… Haha, they all just suck! Nobody can oppose me! Muahahah!’ I laugh inside my thoughts.

Sweat is dripping from my light brown face.

I leave the ring after some public celebration and head towards the changing room.

“Excuse me mister,” some guy speaks to me.

“What’s the mat- How did you pass the guards? I know you idolize me, but I don’t think a little talk is worth risking your life for,” I tell him annoyed.

“Your black eyes look so strong!”

I ignore him.

“Pls show me your muscles!”

“Don’t you value your life? Go away, sh-sh!” I tell him.

“Do you have an ass tattoo?”

The fanboy keeps bugging me, but I still ignore him. A guard is bound to appear sooner or later anyways. And then this guy can count the stars.

I speak to myself, “Oh man, I would love to face someone challenging for once. Someone that makes me shiver.”

This tournament was almost too easy.

“Im one of your greatest fans!”

“But the legal tournament doesn’t allow non-citizens to enter. Maybe I can get a fake ID somewhere?” I wonder aloud.

“MISTER! I have something I want to ask you!”

“Why are you still there? If you keep bothering me, I’ll beat you to a pulp just like I did with the rest who dared to challenge me, kiddo.”

He jumps into my way.

“If three people fight against each other, who would win?

Person A has instant death magic.

Person B is immortal.

And Person C is you,” the kid asks.

“Such a stupid question, how old are you? 10? 11? Tell me if my guess is too high.”

“Don’t you wanna find out?”

“No I don’t and now leave me alone!”

Two hours later at my home.

After washing of my sweat, I flex my muscles in front of the mirror.

Water slowly drops down from my soaked black hair onto my abs. The water reflects the bath lamp’s weak yellow light as it slowly flows down my leg muscles.

I try to sleep and recover from today’s exhaustion. I stare at my mittens, recalling what happened today.

“I won… I won. I actually did it.”

I’m now officially the strongest underdog. But it’s still not enough.

I remember the lad from earlier.

I never thought about it, but how did he get close to me? Wouldn’t he have needed to pass more than ten guards? His question was weird as well.

“Who would win?” I ask myself aloud,

“Could I win against instant death magic?”



“But what about immortality?”



“What if they both fight each other? Who will win?”

Two hours pass.

“Maybe the immortal because- No, if that’s the case, shouldnt instant death magic win? No wait, is there even an answer?”

A voice echoes through my thoughts.

“You want to find out?” it asks.

“Of course!”

“Do you want to see how far you can go against the strongest people of all time?”

“Do you even need to ask?

How I longed to fight someone who will make me struggle – make me shiver!” I shout.

“Nice muscles you have there btw.”


Show yourself, stalker!”

“Haha, you only notice it now? Either way the contract has been made.

Don’t worry, you will soon get what you desire so much.”

A person appears at the other side of my scrawny bed room.

“Contract? You’re the underaged guy from before!”

Blue light suddenly begins glowing around my body.

“Holy f*ck, am I dreaming?”

A minute later, all I can see is blue light, forcing me to close my eyes.

I hear a fade voice.

“One last advice.

The tournament…

Will begin…


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